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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

EOS Lip Balms | available in the UK

Yes, yes you read that right. We no longer need to rely on upcoming trips to the states, or beauty swaps with fellow bloggers across the pond to get our EOS fix, as the sphere shaped balms are finally available within the UK, more specifically Beauty Mart, a shoppers paradise that resides within the famous Harvey Nichols and Selfridges beauty halls, aswell as Topshop on Oxford Street.

During my recent jolly to London, the bestie and I made the customary visit to Topshop on Oxford Street to admire all things beautiful (on a side note I think all Topshop's should have a Lola's). Unlike most visits, instead of being fixated on the mass of overpriced jewels, my attention was firmly upon the section of Beauty Mart goodies, more specifically the tower of EOS lipbalms that sat oh so pretty in the middle. 

After letting out an almighty squeal and swooning over the mass of balms infront of me, I took to Twitter, only to learn that the egg shaped balms are now readily available within Beauty Marts throughout the UK, including Selfridges online. So ladies, theres no longer any need to pay extortionate shipping fees on Amazon and eBay, wahoo.  
Will you be picking up an EOS Lip Balm? 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tory Burch Debut Lipstick | Pas Du Tout

Tory Burch, Queen of vibrant bags, must have jewellery and eye catching pumps, is finally taking her first steps into the makeup world by adding a range of eye catching beauty products to her repertoire. As soon as I court wind that the American designers new line had finally been released in the UK, I immediately dragged my rather patient bestie to Knightsbridge, to waltz through the many beauty counters in Harrods, in search of that wondrous orange packaging embossed with the iconic 'Tory Burch' logo.  After asking several assistants, and being spritzed with every perfume thinkable, we finally made our way to the White room, only to find that the whole collection, excluding the perfume, was sold out. After a rather large sigh and a whiff of the fabulous new fragrance (lets just say its very much on my wishlist), I decided that my best bet was to try Tory Burch online. 

Two weeks pass, and Im sure you can imagine my sheer excitement when my boyfriend presented me with a little green and blue bag, with an oh so familiar logo, on Valentines Day. Within it the object of my latest beauty desires, Tory's first debut Lipstick, Pas Du Tout, the most perfect, your lips but better, pinky nude. 

Everything about this lipstick is perfect from the luxurious yet striking orange and gold cage packaging (the lid clicks I may add, ooo eeerr), to the ridiculously smooth formula. Pas Du Tout to me has everything I would ask for in a nude. Its flattering, has a wonderful light sheen, is moisturising, smells divine (a scent thats sweet yet fruity), and to top it off applies like a dream. 

The only downfall? This is the only shade in the collection (sigh). However that being said, I have spied a beautiful pink shade in one of Tory burch's Instagram snaps, so hopefully there are new shades on the horizon!! Pas Du Tout costs a reasonable £22 (considering the quality), and can be purchased from Tory Burch Online and Harrods. 
Have you tried anything for the Tory Burch Beauty Line?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette | Chocolate Box

Aside from avidly writing about they're views on animal testing as part of an Ethics module in University (an assignment that my lecturer still recalled me writing in third year), The Body Shop is a brand that I have paid little attention to since freshers year. But with the welcome arrival of a 3 Step Chocolate Box Eye Kit, in particular the Chocolate Box Shimmer Cube Palette, its safe to say that my love affair with the brand has well and truly been rekindled.

As a teen I remember The Body Shop being 'the place' to go for makeup, and the beautiful shimmer cubes, more specifically the vibrant lilac palette (oh Sophie) were always the object of my affections. So I am thrilled to finally have this palette in my possession. First things first, lets talk packaging. The shadows are individually contained (each with a lid) within practical, sturdy, acrylic cubes, making it an ideal palette for travelling. To top it off, unlike most shadows, the cubes are seriously deep, meaning that they will last a lifetime.

The shadows themselves are beautiful. This particular palette contains four complimentary shades, Honeycomb (a beautiful shimmery gold), Dark Chocolate (a deep shimmery brown), Marshmallow (a subtle pinky nude) and Choco Chip (a subtle shimmery taupe). Seriously pigmented and long lasting all four shades are ideal for both night & day time looks.

I received the Chocolate Box Shimmer Cube as part of a Limited Edition Christmas Kit, however I am happy to say that the palette can be purchased separately from The Body Shop for £16.
Have you tried any of The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clinique & Lulu Guinness 'Kiss It Better' for GOSH

Lulu Guinness Coin Purse & Clinique Chubby Stick £55, available here
This month, Clinique are marking they're 10 year partnership with the Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the 'Kiss It Better' appeal, a charity that raises vital funds for research into childhood cancer, by teaming up with iconic British designer Lulu Guinness, to bring fans a range of Limited Edition must haves to both help and celebrate the cause. 

As a total sucker for anything Limited Edition, its hardly suprising that the 'Kiss It Better' purse and Chubby Stick made its way into my basket. I have admired the designs of eccentric Lulu for quite some time, so I am thrilled to finally have one of her pieces in my collection (and for less than the usual RRP), as for the Chubby Stick, well thats just a fabulous bonus. The fact that all proceeds from each sale goes to GOSH, certainly helps nurse my conscience for spending £55 before payday. 

This really is an ideal valentines gift for designer and lipstick lovers alike. So ladies, go give your guy some hints! But be quick as the purses have sold out once before, due to such high demand. 

Aside from the purse, Clinique and Lulu have also released a limited edition hot pink nail Colour (£12), aswell as 10 limited edition satchels, each with a range of Chubby Sticks. However with an eye watering £550 price tag, its a piece I will definitely be giving a miss. 
Are you tempted by this beautiful limited edition purse?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

Following in her soon to be Sister in law Sam Chapman's footsteps, the beautiful YouTube sensation come Makeup Artist Tanya Burr has added a purse friendly range of Lip Glosses and Nail Polishes to her repertoire, that are sure to send beauty bloggers, fans, and makeup fanatics alike into a total frenzy.

Everything about the collection screams Tanya Burr, from the fabulous shades, to the sweet names that clearly have a personal meaning. With a drawer brimming full of lacquers I decided to give the polishes a miss (although this doesn't stop me from swooning over Mini Marshmallows and Little Duck), however the glosses are a different story. Retailing at £6.99 I really could have added the full range to my basket, however I was sensibly restrained and opted for two creme finishes, Exotic Island (a vibrant fuchsia pink) and Picnic In The Park (a bright pink with a coral hint to it), aswell as a more shimmery offering Heart Skipped A Beat (a pinky red). 

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. Aside from Chanel's Jalousie, its fair to say that I have a serious love/hate relationship with lip glosses in general. With a tendency to be over sticky, over glittery, and poor in pigmentation, It really takes something special to sweep me off my feet, and I am happy to say that Tanya's glosses have done just that. These sweet scented beauties are seriously pigmented (they really have fabulous colour pay off) and long lasting, with an almost moisturising texture. 

Aside from the beautiful shades, and sleek yet girly packaging (each product has a little pink heart emblazoned on the lid), I would have to say that the price tag is a huge selling point, meaning that the range is not only affordable for her younger fans, but for those on a budget aswell. 

The Tanya Burr Lips & Nails range can be purchased from Feel Unique and Cloud 10 Beauty
Have you tried anything from Tanya's range?

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