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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fresh SUGAR KISSES mini lip duo

yes that's right, yet another lip balm related post (I think I may be developing a slight addiction). In all honesty when I was presented with this lip duo many moons ago, whilst perusing the shelves of sephora and excitedly spending my dollars on american delights ( If you were wondering I received the duo due to signing up for a sephora beauty insider card), in all honesty I had no clue about the brand, I just saw the mini lip duo as a nice little extra and popped the set inside my already bulging Sephora bag, and paid little attention (possibly due to my excitement over the EOS balms) until I got home. However it was a wrong move for me to do such a thing.
Fresh claim that their Sugar Kiss balms are ultra nourishing (which I would agree with), whilst protecting the lips with spf15 and ingredients such as 'precious oils' and 'antioxidant-rich polyphenols', with the rose balm having an added bonus being a lip tint. The balms apply well and leave the lips feeling smooth and of course nourished.
One of the best things about these balms are their scents. When i saw sugar rose in the set i thought i would hate the scent, as im not a rose lover at all, however it smells uber yummy (im thinking those hard cola bottle sweets that Barrett's used to make, anyone know what i mean??), scent aside the fresh sugar kisses lip duo are a brilliant addition to my handbag.

Availability- Although Fresh do not have a UK website they do however have a store in London which i would definitely suggest checking out. you can also check out what they have to offer here

Have you tried anything from fresh??

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thinking of winter..

Top 5 'fall' Nail Polishes 
If I said that I wasn't a smidgen of a bit excited about the prospect of Winter, then I would be growing a nose resembling that of Pinocchio. Gone are my student days which entailed waiting for the bus in the pouring rain, along with the ridiculous consumption of vanilla Chai lattes with Abby to keep warm (something I will sorely miss)..Instead this winter im dreaming about gorgeous knit jumpers, snuggling up on the sofa in a onesie with a giant mug of hot chocolate in hand, aswell as plenty of christmassy shopping trips. So what better way to get into the fall spirit than through a splash of autumn shades in the form of nail polish.  
Models Own 'Pinky Brown'
If Autumn could be sucked up and placed inside a tiny little nail polish bottle then this beauty would be the result.
Revlon 'Facets of Fuchsia'
surely a sign of 'fall' is a perfect excuse to wap out a bit of sparkle? 
this is without a doubt my faviourite glitter polish, and a perfect shade for Autumn.

Chanel 'Peridot'
The one and only high end polish in my collection. probably one of the most worn shades last winter, i think a similar pattern will follow this year. I love the different shades this polish catches in the light, simply gorgeous!

Nails Inc 'Victoria'
This is such a gorgeous shade! Although it looks a somewhat dull reddish brown in the bottle,once applied (with just two coats) the nails are left a gorgeous mauve shade. I love how sophisticated this polish is (this may just be my opinion), in fact this shade reminds me of the shades Lauren Conrad adorned during the days of The Hills (If its good enough for Lauren right?) 

Nails Inc 'Jermyn Street'
A gorgeous deep nude shade, perfect as a base coat for all the glitter polishes that will adorn my nails over the next few months!!

What polishes are you loving for 'fall'??

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Post with little words #2 ..The Statement necklace

between makeup, clothing and accessories, most of my purchases are without a doubt jewellery related. Ever the fan of a statement bit of bling such as my beloved Michael Kors or my chunky bangles, i couldnt wait to add this gorgeous necklace from miss selfridge to my collection, isint it just gorgeous? 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

As most probably the case for others, one of my first ever makeup products was a lovely multicolored eyeshadow palette, I used to think it was the bees knees having an array of chalky colours to decorate my lids (ugh i ask my young self why?), thankfully since then my taste has matured and an array of palettes have braced my makeup collection. Without a doubt my faviourite palettes to this day have been down to the wonderful work of Urban Decay (my makeup bag would not be right without the naked palette), with their soft, pigmented and long lasting shades whats not to love? So when i heared about the release of their build your own palette, i was desperate to get my mitts on one.

Urban Decay have jumped on the custom palette bandwagon and have created a bright, fun and well designed palette.
The palette costs £14 and comes with a free good karma brush, eyeshadow in the colour walk of shame and a rather decent sized mirror. 
Unlike other conventional freedom palettes, Urban Decay have somewhat removed the de-potting stage by also re releasing some of their shadows with a simple package  in which the shadow itself can be popped out of the pot and securely clipped into the palette, in turn also making it easier to swap and change the shadows within the palette (i can imagine my former younger self filling this with every lurid shade of purple and pink going ha). 

 In all honesty since i received this for my birthday, this little gem has sat somewhat unloved in my drawer, you may be wondering why if i love urban decay shadows so much? well my one gripe with the concept is that to fill the palette will cost a whopping £70, with each singular shadow costing £14 (that could get me two new naked palettes for that). However once i purchase another shade or two i can see this being a versatile and well loved palette. 

Altogether the Urban Decay build your own palette is a welcome addition to my ever growing shadow collection, a perfect palette sturdy enough to take away on trips and such like, although the only downful is the cost to fill it!! 

Have you tried the build your own palette??
do you think its a good idea or a waste of money?? 

Check it out..

Hey lovelies, Gem from flutter and Sparkle is without a doubt one of my faviourite bloggers, and one of the main reasons that i decided to give blogging ago, so when she gave me the opportunity to do a guest post while she was away i jumped at the chance. So if you love a bit of nail art then go and have a little nosey at my post, aswell as all of Gemma's gorgeous offerings on her blog :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Fancies #2...Studs


When it comes to fashion im usually quite girly, opting for blouses and pretty tops over the latest must haves with skull scarfs and skull jewellery being my exception much to my mothers dismay ha (she things skulls are ugly, mums hey ha). However lately i have found myself admiring all things stud related. Studs make a statement and can add a little something to the most basic outfits. 

Of course if money were no option i would quite happily purchase the gorgeous studded accessories Alexander McQueen has to offer. Need i say more about the clutch and cuff? purely gorgeous.
I have added the studded belt to my wishlist on ASOS, although it costs £15 which is quite good for a belt, i cannot bring myself to splash the cash on something i will either wear once, or regret buying, in turn getting lost with many other abandoned items in my wardrobe (i may have to see if Primarni has something similar?). However i can imagine wearing this belt with a simple black dress to add something different to the outfit, wearing it with a studded clutch, one such as the gorgeous offering by Warehouse. 
However for now i think i will stick to understated studs, such as these gorgeous tops from warehouse and river island, and the beautiful wrap bracelet from Accessorize. 

So what do you think of the stud craze? Are you a fan? 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

whats inside my makeup bag

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well. Being a serial snooper i rather enjoy seeing posts on the items you lovely people keep in your bags, makeup bags included, so i thought i would give you guys a little insight into what i use on a daily basis. My makeup bag of choice is of course my beautiful mulberry locked cosmetic purse (if you want to see a post dedicated to the beauty itself click here ;) if your wondering where my makeup brushes are, i keep them separate as i dont want them getting my makeup bag all messy.
 Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm
This is a new addition to my makeup bag, and it is already becoming a firm faviourite. It claims to minimize the need for foundation and concealer and that it does. Although i still adore my studio sculpt foundation i have been using this to let my skin breathe a little as studio sculpt is quite a heavy foundation
Collection 2000 concealer
ive been using Dr Jart+ Beauty balm with my collection 2000 concealer. Ive raved about this concealer many a time, and all i have to say is that it deserves to be hyped about
YSL touche eclat
i apply a little of this as a highlighter under my eyes
Loreal Paris lumi magique primer
this is another new addition but a definite new fave. not only does it prime the skin which in turn helps my foundation stay longer, on my oily prone skin (boo). But it also doubles as a highlighter, it is seriously gorgeous from the rose gold detail on the packaging to the product itself
Benefit Brow Zings 
apologies for the sheer grubbiness of this, i couldnt be without this little duo, anything to keep my unruly eyebrows at bay is a plus in my books. I also love how it includes small tweezers, a perfect makeup bag essential
Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara
yep your eyes arent playing tricks with you, im actually mentioning the same mascara more than once, i think there may just be a long lasting relationship with this beauty, it lengthens aswell as thickens my lashes, what more could a girl want 
Bobbi Brown Long wear Gel liner 
a jet black liner that lasts all day on my oily lids, a definite statement in my makeup bag

Urban Decay Naked palette & Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow in velvet plum (37)
for the past week or so ive been using virgin and sin with velvet plum on a daily basis. Im not usually a fan of cream eyeshadows as they tend to crease but velvet plum seems to last well, and it is such a beautiful shade that the picture just does not give it justice. 
YSL rouge Volupte (10) & Chanel Jalousie 
These two together are a perfect combination, although rather bright shades ive quite enjoyed using them on a daily basis

So there you have it, these are the goodies that i store in my makeup bag!!
whats inside your makeup bag??

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


If you read my post a week or so ago about the hyped about EOS Lipbalms then you'll know that ive truly fallen hook, line and sinker for their egg shaped charm. With the release of the British alternative in the shape of the Balmi lip balms, i couldnt wait to get my mitts on the supposed EOS dupe, but which do i prefer??

The balms I will be comparing are Balmi's Coconut and raspberry (seriously smells like the munch bunch yogurts my mum used to buy me when i was small ha), and EOS' summer fruits and Sweet Mint 

Although very similar, there is quite a considerable difference in packaging between the EOS and Balmi balms. The EOS balms are very much egg shaped and a lot larger than the sphere shaped packaging offered by Balmi. They both have that same rubberish texture and in all honesty both are pretty darn cute.
However i have a gripe with the Balmi packaging, at the bottom Balmi offer a key charm, which although is a great concept in theory as you can attach the balm to your keys or the inside of your bag, but in reality this charm is attached to a segment at the bottom that can be removed from the rest of the packaging exposing the bottom of the balm. Therefore if you were to somehow lose the bottom or pull it off then the balm would inevitably dry out.
EOS 10/10
BALMI 8/10 

The Balms 
Both balms offer Vitamin E, soothing Shea butter and jojoba oil, and both claim to leave the lips soft and nourished. EOS and Balmi balms leave the lips moisturized. However i think Balmi packs that extra punch, as the balms leave my lips feeling ultra nourished, to top this off Balmi offers spf15, which is a bonus leaving lips protected. 
EOS 9/10
BALMI 10/10 

Altogether both Balmi and EOS offer great, alternative Lipbalms, that go past the novelty packaging (although i do love it), offering great flavours, amazingly scented and ultra moisturizing they are both definitely worth a purchase. However for me i think i prefer the Balmi lip balms even though i do have a gripe with the packaging. 
EOS isint readily available in the UK but can be purchased from the likes of Amazon for around £7
Balmi can be purchased from most boots stores for around £4 

Have you tried EOS or Balmi Lipbalms?? or both?? what did you think??  

strawberry, coconut, mint, raspberry
summer fruit. lemon drops spf15, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, sweet mint

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