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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thinking of winter..

Top 5 'fall' Nail Polishes 
If I said that I wasn't a smidgen of a bit excited about the prospect of Winter, then I would be growing a nose resembling that of Pinocchio. Gone are my student days which entailed waiting for the bus in the pouring rain, along with the ridiculous consumption of vanilla Chai lattes with Abby to keep warm (something I will sorely miss)..Instead this winter im dreaming about gorgeous knit jumpers, snuggling up on the sofa in a onesie with a giant mug of hot chocolate in hand, aswell as plenty of christmassy shopping trips. So what better way to get into the fall spirit than through a splash of autumn shades in the form of nail polish.  
Models Own 'Pinky Brown'
If Autumn could be sucked up and placed inside a tiny little nail polish bottle then this beauty would be the result.
Revlon 'Facets of Fuchsia'
surely a sign of 'fall' is a perfect excuse to wap out a bit of sparkle? 
this is without a doubt my faviourite glitter polish, and a perfect shade for Autumn.

Chanel 'Peridot'
The one and only high end polish in my collection. probably one of the most worn shades last winter, i think a similar pattern will follow this year. I love the different shades this polish catches in the light, simply gorgeous!

Nails Inc 'Victoria'
This is such a gorgeous shade! Although it looks a somewhat dull reddish brown in the bottle,once applied (with just two coats) the nails are left a gorgeous mauve shade. I love how sophisticated this polish is (this may just be my opinion), in fact this shade reminds me of the shades Lauren Conrad adorned during the days of The Hills (If its good enough for Lauren right?) 

Nails Inc 'Jermyn Street'
A gorgeous deep nude shade, perfect as a base coat for all the glitter polishes that will adorn my nails over the next few months!!

What polishes are you loving for 'fall'??

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  1. Facets of Fuschia is definitely one of my favourite all time polishes. I love your blogs header btw :)
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. its such a gorgeous shade isint it?..aww thank you so much :) xx

  2. Great picks :) I haven't decided on my favorite fall color, yet...probably some kind of maroon/burgundy but I still haven't found the perfect one xx

    1. thanks :)..liking the sound of that, would love to find a perfect maroon shade :) xx

  3. Absolutely love your blog!

    Such a great review of all the nail varnishes - I like the more wintry colours!

    Now a follower, please check out The Fashion Armoire and return the follow :)


    1. aww thankyou so much!!.. personally I think wintry colours are perfect all year round ;) xx

  4. I love them ALL, but esp the Nails Inc ones! xo

    1. :)..I must be honest although I love the Nails Inc polishes ive never actually purchased one, ive always had them as freebies in magazines :O xx