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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An overdue weekly update ;)

Hello lovelies, i hope your having a great Sunday, the boyfriend is enjoying a good few hours on Batman so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start writing a few posts, i have been slightly absent from the blogging world with being back to uni for my final year and taking trips to see friends etc, so heres what i have been up to the past month!!
1. two of my latest naughty luxuries, americandy and krispy Kreme, i personally blame Tim and my housemates for this

2. The bestie/housemate celebrated her 21st in style, which included total carnage and plenty of cosmopolitans

3. The boyfriend and i spent a day being tourists in bath which meant a trip to the fashion museum and swooning over 2003 mulberry alexas and Chanel jackets

4. ever since Karl Lagerfeld released these limited edition coke bottles I have been dying to get one!!..when they were handing them out for free in the street in bath I couldnt believe my luck :D

5. if you read my previous two posts you will know that i spent an amazing two days in London (still a haul post to come) love for Disney is also slightly getting out of hand ;)

6. A  had a really lovely two day trip to Cardiff with two of my besties, how pretty does the city look at night??

7. During my trip to Cardiff we went to see FTSK and met the rather lovely support act Action Item (cue no makeup and sweaty hair urgh)

8. My Beautiful Disney Couture Bracelet the boyfriend bought me for our anniversary

9. yet more lipsticks ive bought recently, i think my love for lipstick is getting slightly out of hand ;) haha

So what have you been up to lately??

Saturday, 29 October 2011

NOTD..Chanel Peridot

During my trip to Harrods, i happily walked through the rows of makeup counters, and headed straight to the Chanel counter..i have been loving all the duo chrome polishes around at the moment, and Chanel Peridot has been on my wishlist for ages, as a spur of the moment thing i decided to purchase this beauty, receiving the last one in stock, kerchhhing haha
 i really dont think my photos do this polish justice, it is such a hard colour to capture, in the bottle it looks a goldy green colour with hints of a darker green and blue!!
 once applied to the nails only the goldy green colours show up, which left me slightly dissapointed, however once dried the duochrome comes into action and in different lights you can see the hints of blue, its absolutely gorgeous..Models Own are releasing their beetlejuice collection at the start of November and one of the colours  looks very similar to Peridot so i shall definitely be purchasing it to compare it to this high end version!!
Peridot in different light
Quality- iv'e never tried a Chanel Polish until now, but the actual polish seems quite watered down so two coats is definitely needed to have the affect shown above, however it leaves the nails with a really lovely finish
Longetivity- ive only had this on for about two days, but with no top coat there as still no chips, so it seems to be long lasting
Price- the price is the only downside to this beauty coming in at £17 which is pretty steep, so i shall definitely be looking for dupes before i even think of repurchasing this again
Packaging- like all Chanel items the packaging is absolutely gorgeous (most things with the Chanel logo emblazoned on it is a hit with me!!)

So what do you guys think?? have any of you tried it?? also any dupes out their other than the modelsown beetlejuice collection??

A trip to London/A royal OOTD

Hello lovely ladies, hope your all having a great weekend!! now some of you may or may not remember that a while back i asked you girlie's on some help towards picking out a dress to go to St james palace to receive my gold DofE award!! well that day finally came on Tuesday
so heres a few pictures of my big day haha aswell as a few photos of my amazing two days in london!!
Dress: Warehouse
Shoes: New look
i was so so nervous waiting to go into the palace, but everyone was so lovely it put me at ease..i felt so out of place though in such a magnificent building, literally everything had do not touch and please do not sit placed next it haha.. HRH prince Edward came out and spoke to us in groups which i was quite excited about, and then i was given my award by Tori James, the first welsh lady to walk the magnetic poles..i was expecting the whole event to be rather uptight, but it was such a laugh, the guy who was in charge of my group was making bets, saying that if we kept prince Edward for longer than 10mins, that he would buy us all a pint haha.
one obvious thing you have to do in London is shop!!..(il do another post with my little haul whilst i was there)
i swear im just a big kid at heart as i got pretty excited by the Disney store (i mean its not like ive never been in one before haha), i think this may have been down to the Disney castle in the middle of the room and especially the mickey mouse figurine coated in crystals and glitter, as well as having a photo opportunity with Donald duck ;) haha
next stop was of course Leicester square to see the novelty that is m&m world, i was pretty impressed how they managed to fill four floors with m&m inspired goodies, but there was no way i was purchasing anything,as £6 for a small pot of m&m's is slightly ridiculous in my opinion

as a special treat for receiving my award, mum, dad and Tim treated me to an evening watching the lion king, i have to say it is one of the best musicals i have ever seen, its so magical and the puppetry is amazing
and finally last but not least, a trip to London is not complete without a visit to Harrods, i was seriously in my element with all the yummy treats gorgeous handbags, beautiful clothes and cute animals, i will make it my mission one day to walk in and purchase a designer handbag!! until then i will quite happily walk around and lust after everything i see ;)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great week so far, i seem to have this really bad habit lately of browsing through polyvore, and ending up making mood boards of all the lovely things that i want (and no doubt dont need, but a girl can dream right?) the moment im definitely loving neutral colours and gold jewelley (perhaps im just getting into the autumn swing haha)..during autumn/winter i seem to have the tendency to wear all navy and black, so im thinking about adding a little colour this time around even if it is cream and gold jewellery and gorgeous brown leather bags haha

So what have you been loving lately??

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bambi for H&M

hey lovelies, now dont get me wrong i have always loved H&M but on the usual visit ive never particularly payed much attention towards the cosmetics bit as nothings ever really caught my attention or made me go WOW!! however being a lover of all things Disney especially Bambi,  for once the cosmetics section caught my eye with this lovely little collection..the Bambi collection includes two nail polishes, two makeup bags, a perfume and a lip balm..theres something really delicate about the designs that just drew me in (each item has a subtle picture of thumper and bambi on the ice, I LOVE THUMPER haha)..

So the items i picked up were the makeup bag, the polish 'on ice', the perfume, aswell as the lip balm  which is currently floating around my handbag somewhere (if you were wondering the little thumper is actually from the Disney store)

Nail Polish 'on ice'- the best way to describe this polish is a slate green colour, its such a light colour but i love it, infact it looks slightly baby blue in the light, i haven't yet used the polish so i cannot comment on the quality of the polish but for £1.99 i cant really complain either way, this also comes in a nude colour (which il no doubt go back for)

i absolutely love the makeup bag its so simple yet so lovely, i love the ruffles along the top aswell as the lovely prints, it is a perfect size to fit all my everyday makeup essentials, so one happy sophie, this also comes in a baby pink colour, this was about £2.99 i think, BARGAIN
now onto my faviourite the Sugared Fig Eau De toilette, this is such a lovely sweet girly scent, however its not an overpowering smell, i just cant get enough of it, i keep on smelling it all the time aswell as pushing it in the boyfriends face to smell really reminds me of something but i cant put my finger on it, if you like sweet, fresh smells then totally get this, for £3.99 you cannot go wrong..i dont know how long this collection will be out for (whether its permanent or not) i think i might be stocking up on a few of these!!

So what do you guys think?? are you a sucker for all things Disney??

Sunday, 16 October 2011

OPI.. Muppet's review

Hello lovelies,So if you were to put OPI polishes, lots of glitter and THE MUPPET'S together, what not to love??.. so you can imagine the excitement i had yesterday when i was mooching around Sally's and spotted this little set from the new Muppet's collection..aswell as this there were also a lot of the single polishes from the collection including rainbow connection which i think il have to invest in (think a glitter explosion/deborah lippmann's Happy Birthday)

(please excuse the poor quality photos, im getting used to using my naff little camera, and having to deal with poor lighting in my lil uni room)

So here the lovelies are!! i haven't yet used better! or Warm and Fozzie but they look such lovely colours i hope they dont let me down (expect to see them in a NOTD at some point!!)

However i am currently sporting Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! (dont you just love the names)
Wocka Wocka! is a really lovely red with a slight pink sheen to it, and i love it paired with Excuse Moi! aswell as being just the average glittery polish Excuse Moi has bigger bits of coloured glitter in it, which i think makes it that extra bit special..i wouldn't say any of these polishes are unique colours, but together they are a perfect little set for the winter season!!

 Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi! with flash

In natural light

So what do you guys think of the new collection?? will any of you be investing in some Muppet's fun?? haha

Friday, 14 October 2011

HELP!!! Ethical Businesses

hello lovelies, hope your all having a great week, now this is a bit of a random kind of post but i thought seeing as though all you girlies love fashion and beauty that you would be able to help me!!

some of you may not know but I study philosophy and ethics at university and as part of one of my assignments for my final year i have to do a project, and i  have chosen mine on ethical as part of my research process what id love to hear from you guys is whether or not you take into consideration where your clothes and makeup come from??

Vivienne Westwood ethical Africa bag link

  •  would it matter to you if a product was made through slave trade or unethical sweat shops??
  • would you think about a brand differently if you realised that they refused to sign the ethical trading initiative??
  •  do you avoid unethical companies and also do you think brands such as lush (which produce items which try to help the environment) and The concept of back to Mac encourages people to think about recycling and also what may be put into products!!!
  • also have you heard of any concepts that are great for helping the environment and creating more ethical businesses?? 

sorry for the list of questions but seriously guys any comments would be great :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Mac Haul

Hello lovelies, yes your eyes aren't playing tricks with you i am actually blogging, apologies for the irregular blogging, i think its the longest ive gone without posting something, like most of you lovely girlies my reason is im back to uni, and for the final year, so i have been stressing and getting used to uni life again haha, hopefully from now on il be back to my usual blogging self ;) haha

i am a proper home bumpkin and struggle being away from home (and the boyfriend) so as a perfect pick me up i decided to be matched for a new foundation, aswell as eyeing up a few extras ;) 

Mac Show Orchid
the minute i saw the line up for the Cindy sherman (fall) collection, i knew that this baby had to be mine, its such a vibrant lovely pink that it was a total win with me, it didn't help that the mua said that it was her faviourite lippie of all time ;) is very bright so this is going to be my go to evening lipstick of choice!!..apologies for the awful picture it certainly does not give this beauty justice!!

 Mac Bombshell
i actually got this two weeks ago, but i thought id include it, im ever increasingly and also rapidly running out of my creme cup so i wanted to find another go to every day lippie and this just shouted buy me, its a lovely subtle pinky gold colour, and like most mac lippies lasts absolutely ages

 Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation NW20
i have been completely fed up of wearing foundations that dont seem to match the colour of my neck so i bit the bullet and finally got matched, the mua suggested that this would be best for my skin type (oily/dry combination) and she also said that it had quite high coverage which was what i was looking for..i have been using it the past week and i must say i absolutely love it, it has such a lovely smell to it..although dont get me wrong i still love it) also has a lovely consistency and a little definitely goes a long way

Studio Sculpt Concealer (NW20)
along with the foundation i also picked up the concealer, as my beloved boiing is finally on its way out :(

 Mac Prep and Prime
the mua suggested that due to my uneven skin colour that this would be perfect to even it out a bit aswell as helping my foundation to stay on for longer, ive got to be honest i absolutely love this, and im so glad i purchased it, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth, and unlike other primers i haven't broken out in spots, so a total hit with Sophie
Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash
for those of you who read my blog, you will know that i have been on the search for the perfect mascara for absolutely ages and i think ive finally found it, this extends my lashes so much and i dont seem to get the clumped lash look

and breathe, i dont think il be buying anything make up related for a while, i think my bank balance needs to recover

anyone bought some gems from mac lately??

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