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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An overdue weekly update ;)

Hello lovelies, i hope your having a great Sunday, the boyfriend is enjoying a good few hours on Batman so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start writing a few posts, i have been slightly absent from the blogging world with being back to uni for my final year and taking trips to see friends etc, so heres what i have been up to the past month!!
1. two of my latest naughty luxuries, americandy and krispy Kreme, i personally blame Tim and my housemates for this

2. The bestie/housemate celebrated her 21st in style, which included total carnage and plenty of cosmopolitans

3. The boyfriend and i spent a day being tourists in bath which meant a trip to the fashion museum and swooning over 2003 mulberry alexas and Chanel jackets

4. ever since Karl Lagerfeld released these limited edition coke bottles I have been dying to get one!!..when they were handing them out for free in the street in bath I couldnt believe my luck :D

5. if you read my previous two posts you will know that i spent an amazing two days in London (still a haul post to come) love for Disney is also slightly getting out of hand ;)

6. A  had a really lovely two day trip to Cardiff with two of my besties, how pretty does the city look at night??

7. During my trip to Cardiff we went to see FTSK and met the rather lovely support act Action Item (cue no makeup and sweaty hair urgh)

8. My Beautiful Disney Couture Bracelet the boyfriend bought me for our anniversary

9. yet more lipsticks ive bought recently, i think my love for lipstick is getting slightly out of hand ;) haha

So what have you been up to lately??

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  1. fluff is like the best thing invented, EVER!

  2. totally agree, i dont even put it on anything il just eat spoonfuls of the stuff, is that weird?? haha xx