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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Balmi Lip Balm- New and Improved

Hello lovelies!! So you may remember that a while back I did a review on the comparisons between the overly hyped about Eos lip balms and what could only be described as the uk equivalent in the form of Balmi (post here). 
Whilst perusing the makeup displays in Tesco, I spotted a Balmi lip balm from the corner of my eye with...well square packaging. After previously falling in love with its former sphere shaped sister I added it to my basket and briskly made my way to the till, before I did anymore damage. Being the dutiful Instagram fanatic that I am, I shared my lovely new purchase, and thought nothing more about the new square shaped Balmi. However, a fabulous source *ahem* my former uni housemate (hey Nev) informed me that the reason for the repackaging was down to another company patenting the design (que gasps). Shocked, I turned to the web, and found the following on the Balmi web page "in 2010 we created our first Balmi invention, a super cool spherical lip balm to take on the world, then, boom, some other smart Alec had already patented the blinking thing, so our nutty creative mastermind went back to the drawing board to redesign, reformulate and reinvent a range of new products specifically designed for individuals who live and love to be unique". 

So let me introduce you to the newly packaged Balmi lip balm, new fabulous formula (with perhaps a little less product than before), just as easy to apply, and still with that slightly annoying removable bottom situation!! As for the original balmi, to quote the lovely Nev "I may keep it, it'll be an antique collectible", (the minds of a fellow makeup addict hey haha).  

What do you think about the new Balmi packaging? 

*Disclaimer- I am in no way affiliated with Balmi, and have not been asked to write this post. Im just sharing some rather exciting news with my fellow makeup junkies!!

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  1. Wow that's gas about the patenting but I actually like the new design now!

  2. tell me about it, but I think I also prefer the new design!! its a lot less bulky!! xx

  3. this looks good, its handy that its on a keychain!

  4. Ooh I liked the spherical packaging but I think I like the look of the redesign even more. Will definitely be picking one of these up when I see them!

    Jennie xo |

    1. its certainly less bulky!! Ive spotted them in tesco etc when it was hard enough to find them in boots before so thats a plus :) xx

  5. Replies
    1. I purchased mine from tesco, but I think you can also get them from boots and maybe superdrug? xx