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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday pick me up: Kate Spade ' Things We Love'

What things make you happy? personally for me I cant help but smile when I see a quirky quote, a pair of shoes adorning a cute bow, and anything related to the Big Apple (or the States in general). Faced with these things I cant help but wear a grin resembling that of a cheshire cat. Kate Spades latest coffee table read 'Things We Love' includes a few of my favourite feel good things, whilst having enough glitz to stand out in the bright lights of broadway, and make the greyest of days just that little brighter. 
From the moment I lunged at the courier and grabbed the great big box housing my latest read, I have been unable to put the beautiful book down. Unwrapping the plain brown paper, I acted like a child on Christmas morning when I was greeted with (in contrast to the boring paper) a vibrant hardback, with beautiful gold edges. 

Brimming with fabulous bold prints, photographs, and hilarious quotes, each page manages to incorporate a hint of that whimsical Kate Spade charm (Beware once you pick up this page turner, its a little hard to put it back down). Each of the 20 chapters include some of their favourite things, from the fabulous city of new york where the brand began 20 years ago. The love of bows, something which is heavily present with most of Kate's beautiful designs. Oh and what girl doesn't love a bit of sparkle (there is even a chapter on that). 
longing for summer, and in need of a little pick me up during this cold, dull weather? then this book is for you. things we love deserves a place on every girls coffee table, bedside table, or book shelf!! 

Now does anyone fancy taking me to London, to indulge in the treasure trove also known as Kate Spade New York? 
'Things We Love' can be purchased from Amazon for about £20

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  1. It looks so cute x

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  2. ugh, i want that book, it looks adorable!, everything that i see something from kate spade is so cute <3

    1. its definitely worth a purchase!! full of so many lovely things!! Ah she's such a lovely designer isn't she :) xx

  3. love kate spade! x

  4. It's so pretty! Your blog is lovely, I'm a new follower on bloglovin'!

    Ps. I'm giving away a Birchbox on my blog! :)