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Sunday, 31 July 2011

17 Falsifeye mascara

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a lovely Sunday!!..recently i have been on a quest to find the perfect Mascara, as im bored of the two i have used religiously for the past year or two see post here
By all means this mascara has not found its place in my favourites but i do really like it, i picked up the colour brown/black

Although the mascara looks quite clumpy on the brush, when applied its not, i am quite lucky and have pretty long lashes, so the main thing for me is to get them quite thick, and its safe to say it does a reasonable job!!, however it is nothing special and i still feel i haven't found that perfect mascara :( any ideas and choices from you lovelys would be appreciated :) ??

Because i got the mascara, i had the falsifeye gel liner in black (gotta love a freebie) its nothing special, alot needs to be applied to the brush and it does not produce a very dark line, the way i like it, but for a freebie it will do as an item to throw in my handbag haha

have any of you tried this?? what do you think??

Cindy Sherman for MAC

Hello lovelies, now i know alot of people have blogged about this but im slightly (okay more than slightly) excited about the Cindy Sherman collaboration with MAC, although some of the items are in the permanent range i still love all the vibrant colours, and as for the photos of Cindy herself they look very illamasqua don't you think??

This quad is probably my favourite thing from the collection, just look at those colours, im a sucker for neutrals and pinks haha

aaah just look at the colours of these lipsticks (lust), and as for the polishes they are definitely perfect for autumn/winter

I'll definitely be awaiting this collaboration, will you??

my first FOTN

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Sin, creep and gunmetal
E.L.F eyebrow kit
Benefit: Confessions of a concealaholic
Witch concealer stick
Nars Orgasm
17 False effect Mascara
Body Shop black Kohl eyeliner
maxfactor miracle touch foundation

dress: Miss Selfridge
shoes: Next
Bag: Next

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Whats in my Bag??

Hello lovelies, so iv'e seen a few people do a 'whats in my bag post' so i thought i'd give it a go
So here's my bag, its my beloved Paul's Boutique Olivia bag i received from the boyfriend for my birthday, iv'e never had such a lovely bag before so im like obsessed at keeping it clean haha

So here's all the junk it holds

1)when me and the boyfriend went on holiday we bought an underwater camera, they gave us the case back when we had the photos developed and for some reason its still in my bag.
2)I also have my beloved Karl Pilkington book, i always have a book of some sort just in case i need to be occupied haha, i also have some free book from cosmopolitan.
3) my Cath Kidston case, home to all my pens and post its for uni
4) my bargain spotty umbrella from primark, a total must, especially when i leave the house without a coat most of the time ;S
5) my little make up bag which is lacking in anything at the moment

6) a card from my nana and gramps, which they gave me for passing my second year of uni :)
7) my river island purse, im a bit of a purse snob and have always owned a river island purse, iv'e been using this one for a year, which is probably the longest ive gone without changing it :S
8) my keys, i bloody love the key ring, its a picture of me and Tim in madam Tussaud's
9) Mac Creme Cup, this literally goes everywhere with me
10) deodorant 
11) tissues, you never know when you might need them

12) 3 pairs of 3d glasses, i dont really know why i have so many pairs in there :S
13) a mini sewing kit my auntie brought me back from abroad, when i was in sixth form the button always used to fall off my trousers, so having a sewing kit is a bit of a habit just incase something my happen haha
14) one of those money fob things from center Parcs
15) My Camera
16) Stain removing wipes, a recent item in my bag, seeing as though im accident prone and spill everything over myself, this is a must have
17) a retractable kabuki brush 

So do you carry a load of rubbish around with you to?? my mum is totally worse iv'e never seen so much receipts in my life haha

Friday, 29 July 2011

July Faviourites

Hello lovelies, wow is it really the end of July already?? summer is going way to quick for my liking ;) here's what i have been loving this month

1) first up is Mac's Fix+ although i haven't had it the full month its definately a faviourite, with all the hot weather i was fed up of my makeup just melting off my face, and this has definately been doing the trick of keeping it all put aswell as being refreshing.
2) next up is Nars Orgasm, literally i cant get enough of blushers lately, and this month i have found myself constantly coming back to it, something people dont like the glitter in it, but in this lovely summery weather i think its perfect.
3) i couldnt be without my elf eyebrow kit, this will be a definite repurchase when it runs out 
4) i recently mentioned this witch concealer stick, its bloody awesome, it does a good job of concealing my spots and pink cheeks, ive been using this alongside my confessions of a concealholic

5. L'Oreal elvive nutri gloss shampoo, i originally purchased this just because it was on offer but i cant be without it now, i really suffer from my hair getting greasy so quickly, with everything else ive tried i have to wash my hair every day, but with this its every other and it smells yummy, so a hit with me.
6.Good things five minute facial face mask- i think i use this more than its meant to be used but i love it, it smells ridiculously yummy and it leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh, my skin has also been alot clearer after using this.
7. OPI's rumples wiggins has definately replaced my MAC Ocean Dip, i just cant get enough of this lovely lilac!!
8. Last but not least my Urban Decay Naked Palette, i dont think i need to say more ;).

So what have you been loving this month??

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Addicted to Zumba

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a lovely week!!
So when i was younger i always loved dancing in any form, but since  stopping at the age of 16, i think its safe to say keeping fit has slightly gone down hill, so when my friend asked me to go to Zumba with her i jumped at the chance, although she did warn me that we could "catch up whilst dying in the progress"..after hearing celebrities rave about it, along with uni friends i thought why not.

I dont know about you guys but usually when i go to the gym or any form of fitness place i always feel intimidated by all the uber fit crazy women walking around, however it was a really nice relaxed atmosphere and i was shocked to see older women there (including my friends mum haha)..and as for the instructor herself, she was bloody gorgeous and god dam she could dance..Zumba is said to be "Latin-inspired", which was immediately obvious by the lovely music, however there seemed to be hints of hip hop and other forms of dance within it.
So basically we all danced like crazy women for an hour, it starts off as simple moves that get faster, and then when the music changes it will quickly change to another routine..although i couldnt always keep up i absolutely loved it (even if i did feel like i was dying haha) the end a really comical lady comes along and does cool down exercises which are also a laugh as they involve balancing on one leg etc..Usually if i go to the gym i dont feel like its done anything, but today i feel really good and my legs and stomach feel tense, its like you know its working!!

Seriously girls (and guys), if you haven't already go for it, £3.50 for a giggle and a dance i think its definately worth it :)

So have you been to Zumba?? or would you go??

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

For Audrey.......

30 Day Challenge..Day faviourite Nail Polish
When i think of 'for Audrey' i think of , Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, diamond rings and duck egg blue and beautiful boxes, so its no surprise that i was desperate to get this China glaze gem
seeing as though turquoise is my faviourite colour its no surprise that this would be a faviourite :)..i sadly dont have a Tiffany's box to compare (hopefully one day that will change ;) but im pretty sure its a good match :)..
Below is a much better image than mine (literally the colour wouldn't show up properly, FAIL haha) courtesy of, obviously you can tell its much much lighter here than it is in person :(, camera fail 
ive also heard mixed reviews on china glaze polishes, but i found that one coat would be enough (i had two because i like it thick). Also i know some people have struggled to find it but i had mine from a dealer on Amazon.

So whats your faviourite nail polish??

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An overdue weekly update ;)

Hello Lovelies, hope your all having a great start to the week :)..So here's what iv'e been up to....
Please ignore the minging feet :S..ive been sporting this lovely nail art this week, which everyone has complemented me for..the best bit is this is down to the boyfriends handy work, and its safe to say im pretty impressed, what do you think??

i had a really short holiday away with my boyfriend and our friends, it was nice just to get away and have a laugh, we went to Borth in north Wales, it was a bit of a drinking weekend but it was nice chilling in the pool and having a catch up :)..i also had a lovely and well overdue shopping spree in Cardiff with Tim :)

Day 27- Favourite Skincare product 
I recently purchased Witch's naturally clear concealer, its meant to conceal (duh) whilst fighting blemishes, which it has definitely been doing, my skin has been so much clearer and for £2 you cannot really go wrong, im also loving their cleansing and toning wipes, these are definite favourites :)

Day 28- favourite drink
im obsessed with coke at the moment (dont worry i mean the drink haha) its not really the best thing to be constantly drinking but i just cant get enough of it :S

Day 29- Favourite photo of myself and a friend
its shockingly three years ago yesterday that i went to romania with some of my closest friends so i had to incorporate the photos into the challenge question, more often than not if im down or missing my friends from home i always always look at these photos and they never fail to put a smile on my face, the two weeks i spent in Romania were just amazing, for those who don't know i went their to help finish a school for poor and gypsy communities :)

last but definately not least, RIP Amy Winehouse, an extremely talented singer, most of my teenage years were spent listening to her music, its sad to think she was taken away so soon when she still had so much more to give!!

So What have you been up to??

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Trip to Primark, need i say more?

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a good weekend!!, had a very lovely day spent shopping in Cardiff with the boyfriend..because there isint a primark anywhere near me :(, good old primarni ( as the bestie calls it) was first on my list, although i had some really lovely finds, i sadly didnt get the opportunity to look at the clothes and what not, as in good old primark style it was absolutely packed with the usual inconsiderates that never move out of the way lol, and everything was thrown over one thing or another (and breathe), but heres my bargains :)
First up is this lovely ring, although iv'e seen a few people sporting this gem i wasnt expecting to see it let alone to get it on the sale, at a £1 this was a total bargain

next up was this lovely anklet also on the sale for bargain 

when i saw this i had to get it, i have a similar one from hollisters but in different colours, so i shall definately get the wear out of this, this was also another bargain at £3

ahh i just love these for £1.50 i couldnt leave them behind ;)

lovely leaf knecklace, £1 on the sale

i dont know if these will work but they appealed to my accident prone self, everytime i wear a new outfit, i more often that not mamage to spill or throw something over it, so i thought these might be handy, for a £1 there worth a try

and finally an umbrella, i know i know i dont need it with this lovely weather, but living in good ole wales, theres always a few showers that will catch me out ;)

i also got some underwear but i don't think you lovely bloggers need to see my socks and knickers ;)

So have you found any bargains lately?? 

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