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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Whats in my Bag??

Hello lovelies, so iv'e seen a few people do a 'whats in my bag post' so i thought i'd give it a go
So here's my bag, its my beloved Paul's Boutique Olivia bag i received from the boyfriend for my birthday, iv'e never had such a lovely bag before so im like obsessed at keeping it clean haha

So here's all the junk it holds

1)when me and the boyfriend went on holiday we bought an underwater camera, they gave us the case back when we had the photos developed and for some reason its still in my bag.
2)I also have my beloved Karl Pilkington book, i always have a book of some sort just in case i need to be occupied haha, i also have some free book from cosmopolitan.
3) my Cath Kidston case, home to all my pens and post its for uni
4) my bargain spotty umbrella from primark, a total must, especially when i leave the house without a coat most of the time ;S
5) my little make up bag which is lacking in anything at the moment

6) a card from my nana and gramps, which they gave me for passing my second year of uni :)
7) my river island purse, im a bit of a purse snob and have always owned a river island purse, iv'e been using this one for a year, which is probably the longest ive gone without changing it :S
8) my keys, i bloody love the key ring, its a picture of me and Tim in madam Tussaud's
9) Mac Creme Cup, this literally goes everywhere with me
10) deodorant 
11) tissues, you never know when you might need them

12) 3 pairs of 3d glasses, i dont really know why i have so many pairs in there :S
13) a mini sewing kit my auntie brought me back from abroad, when i was in sixth form the button always used to fall off my trousers, so having a sewing kit is a bit of a habit just incase something my happen haha
14) one of those money fob things from center Parcs
15) My Camera
16) Stain removing wipes, a recent item in my bag, seeing as though im accident prone and spill everything over myself, this is a must have
17) a retractable kabuki brush 

So do you carry a load of rubbish around with you to?? my mum is totally worse iv'e never seen so much receipts in my life haha

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  1. I love Karl Pilkington! He is so funny it's unreal xx

  2. Love the bag! And its cool to see some different and random items :) xx

  3. I have the same camera as you but in pink! :) Great Blog xx

  4. Gorgeous bag! You have a generous boyfriend :) I carry around loads in my bag with the line 'just in case' haha xx

  5. Amy- he's amazing isint he?? although i think im slightly to obsessed with him :S xx

    Cara- thankyou lovely :) xx

    Abigail- good choice ;) i had to have one like that cause i always break the lenses on others :S xx

    Tamsin- thankyou :) ahh hes good to me im very lucky :)..its fine 'just in case' is a perfect excuse ;) xx

  6. I've wanted to do one of these for a while! :D Think I just might. Love Pilkington toooo xx

  7. your what gave me inspiration hun cause i saw you mention it :) definately do one i love being nosey ;) xx

  8. What a cute bag! Thanks for sharing.:D

    I carry a lot of things too.;D

    ***** Marie ******