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Monday, 4 July 2011

So I've Finally given into temptation

Hello Lovelies, i hope your all having a great start to the week!! looking forward to an evening spent chilling on the beach with friends. So there are four items that have been on my wishlist for quite a while, after continuously seeing them appearing on many people's blogs, and after several reviews i finally gave into temptation
So the four items in question are, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Nars Orgasm, Maybelline gel Liner and Rimmels Day to night mascara

So i wont really go into detail about this as there have been many many reviews on it. I know people have struggled to find this but i managed to get it on the house of Fraser website link for palette here..this was definately love at first sight from the great quality packaging and the pigmented and beautiful neutrals :)

Next up is the Maybelline gel Liner, for the past month or so i have been religiously using elf's gel liner, and although i love it, it very easily smudges so ive been desperate to try another brand, so when i saw this on offer in Tesco i had to add it to my basket ;) haha.
Nars Orgasm 
I have been waiting for this for the past two weeks, i honestly thought it would never turn up, ive always been a bronzer sort of girl but recently i just cant get enough of blushers, i absolutely LOVE this, especially the gold tones to it, however i cant help but notice the similarities between this and my ELF blush in tickled pink, the colours are similar, as is the packaging, even so i still think this purchase was worth it...but if your looking for a cheaper alternative i'd definately say go for the ELF blush 

 and finally Rimmels Day to Night Mascara, I've gotta be honest i went with the hype, and to be perfectly honest i love the length, but as for using the volume wand its just really clumpy :S i wont completely hold judgement yet as ive only used it twice, so i'l keep on using it and let you know what i think.
Anyone recently invested in these lovelies??
have you given into temptation lately ;) ??

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  1. That palette last forever and ever and ever! you wont regret getting it!

  2. I keep getting tempted to take the plunge on the naked palette, this might have just tipped me over the edge!

  3. ahh you got the naked palette <3 <3
    what do you think of the maybelline gel liner ?, it's actually my favorite <3

  4. I just gave you an award! :D Check it out!

  5. day2night is very good

    xxx kisss

  6. adoreabubbles- its definately becoming one of my faviourites :)xx
    Vicky- seriously its definately worth getting :) xx
    Nena- ahh nena i gave in and its so worth it :)..yeah im loving it so far :), i seem to be making less mistakes ;) haha xx
    LauraJean- thankyou so so much xx
    Brown Sugar- im unsure of it atm but im gonna give it a chance :) xx

  7. I agree totally with you about the Day 2 Night mascara! The length is fine, it does smudge a little but its ok but the volume is awful! It's like it joins all your lashes together! If I wanted dolly lashes I'd get the Ardell set!
    I've still not got a Naked Pallet, not due to demand but because I begrudge the fact they put the price up when it became popular and I think thats a bit cheeky ;)
    Mel xxx

  8. I'm so craving for the Naked Urban Decay palette!
    Maybe you could do a review on these products to let us know how you like them :)

    Also, check out my blog if you have the time.

  9. course i will :) im just getting used to all the colours atm, so i shall keep you posted :) xx