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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Addicted to Zumba

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a lovely week!!
So when i was younger i always loved dancing in any form, but since  stopping at the age of 16, i think its safe to say keeping fit has slightly gone down hill, so when my friend asked me to go to Zumba with her i jumped at the chance, although she did warn me that we could "catch up whilst dying in the progress"..after hearing celebrities rave about it, along with uni friends i thought why not.

I dont know about you guys but usually when i go to the gym or any form of fitness place i always feel intimidated by all the uber fit crazy women walking around, however it was a really nice relaxed atmosphere and i was shocked to see older women there (including my friends mum haha)..and as for the instructor herself, she was bloody gorgeous and god dam she could dance..Zumba is said to be "Latin-inspired", which was immediately obvious by the lovely music, however there seemed to be hints of hip hop and other forms of dance within it.
So basically we all danced like crazy women for an hour, it starts off as simple moves that get faster, and then when the music changes it will quickly change to another routine..although i couldnt always keep up i absolutely loved it (even if i did feel like i was dying haha) the end a really comical lady comes along and does cool down exercises which are also a laugh as they involve balancing on one leg etc..Usually if i go to the gym i dont feel like its done anything, but today i feel really good and my legs and stomach feel tense, its like you know its working!!

Seriously girls (and guys), if you haven't already go for it, £3.50 for a giggle and a dance i think its definately worth it :)

So have you been to Zumba?? or would you go??

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  1. I honestly would love to try this! I hate going to the gym because all the skinny people make me feel uncomfortable while im running on the treadmill like a Rhino!!

  2. haha im exactly the same, it was nice having older women of the similar shape, and the fact everyone looked like idiots made it easier :) definately worth a try!! xx

  3. I went to Zumba with my sister and had a great time, and I also sweated my butt off!! :o)