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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's All About the Charm

30 Day Challenge..Day 26..An Item from my Wishlist
Its safe to say that one of the items on my wishlist is a Pandora Bracelet, i have always been one to pile my wrist up with bracelets, infact my best friends said that the first thought she had about me when we met was she like all the pretty charms on my wrist haha, however as i cant afford to buy a Pandora bracelet i found an alternative.
During my recent Haul in Dorothy Perkins, this lovely charm bracelet caught my eye, and i had to get it, at £5 although not as nice, is a fraction of the price of the beautiful Pandora bracelets.

I just cant get enough of it the three colorful charms i also got when i bought the bracelet, i also invested in the two sparkly ones whilst away on the weekend.

One day i will get myself a Pandora Bracelet but for now this will do :)

Anyone else obsessed with the Charm Bracelets??
Found any alternatives for something on your wishlist??


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  1. These charm bracelets caught my eye when I was in Dorothy Perkins in Chester at the weekend but we were in a rush as shops we closing, so I didn't get time to grab one :( Such a bargain! and cute! I don't have a charm bracelet yet, but I feel I need one :) I keep looking at Thomas Sabo charms thinking 'one day I'll start a charm bracelet' xx

  2. eeee, I love the look of these, so pretty and girlie. x

  3. Where do you get all the pretty pictures? Love your blog! Hey will you check out mine? If you'd follow I'd be happy to return the favor! Thanks so much! Happy blogging!

  4. I have a Trollbeads bracelet rather than the more popular Pandora, that DP one is a really great looking alternative though - I love the leather look bracelets!

  5. zoe- there just so lovely arent they??, i cant help just looking for charms now :)xx

    nicole- arent they just? thanks lovely :)xx

    Shelby- unless there my own then usually tumblr and weheartit xx

    shuttershimmer- the trollbeads are gorgeous though :) sometimes the lookalikes are nicer ;) xx