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Friday, 30 December 2011

A Dabble at Nail art, Fearne Cotton Style!!!

Hello lovelies, now its safe to say that i am a total sucker for anything nail related, something that i have been desperate to try for a long while is nail wraps, however the price kinda put me off, that was until i spotted these beauties in the boots sale

Everything about the Fearne range is lovely, from the quirky packaging to the unique designs, and it really portrays the original style that the beauty herself has..last year i purchased some of her sets along with the brush set which i received as a present, and have loved them dearly.

this set is no exception!!..the instructions are easy to follow and its pretty simple to achieve, i basically used the nail art stickers, a nail file and a scissors. The only problem i had was bubbling along the top of of the nail whilst trying to trim the top of the sticker, you also need to have quite a bit of patience, i dont think i could have done this in a rush!!

 my nail before the sticker had been cut and the result..tbh i really love the effect of these beauties, im definitely glad i purchased a few sets, how long do they last? il have to get back to you on that one ;)
 these are currently available in Boots, for £3 on the sale, what a bargain eh..have any of you tried the fearne nail wraps?? any other easy nail wrap designs out there??

photo of fearne from instyle

Thursday, 29 December 2011

hitting the sales

hello lovelies, i dont know about you, but i bloody love a bargain, me and my cousin were discussing on Christmas day how much our family loves a bargain and i put my cheap thinking skills into action yesterday when i got dragged around the sales by my mother, yes my mother is worse than me i dont know how long i spent following her around marks and spencers, it felt like a lifetime but was all fun!! not really a fan of the sales after working in retail (people will seriously do anything to get the last top etc) but boots is the one place that i will gladly part my Christmas money with, before Christmas i will always nosey around the Christmas gift sets and what i like i put on my wishlist and what i dont receive i hope for the sales and this year i was pretty lucky with my sale purchases

 first up i got these lovely make up brushes from the fearne cotton range, my boyfriend bought me the leopard print set for Christmas last year and i have used them to death so i had my eye on these, they were originally £16 and i payed £8 for them
 also from the fearne cotton range i got these nail art transfer/ stickers, ive wanted to try them for a while and for £3 if i dont like or cannot use them then its not the end of the world, these were originally £6 each
 i have received this set fro Christmas every year from my mum, as im obsessed with the instant wash off fake tan, she couldnt get her hands on it this year, so i quickly snapped it up for £6..seriously this is the yummiest smelling fake tan i love it!!
 what attracted me to this set was the drawers more so than the makeup, they remind me of the muji acrylic drawers i have seen flying across the blogosphere these were originally £45 reduced to a brilliant £22.50
 in the first drawer is a set of brushes, a retractable kabuki, tweezers and two lipglosses, i love the butterfly pattern on the brushes and the tweezers are really good!!
 in the second drawer are two sets of fake eyelashes (perfect for new years etc) two eyeliner pencils and three glitter dusts, all in all you definitely get your moneys worth for this
 and finally last but not least this lovely chilli pepper set which includes a lipgloss, blusher, powder brush, shimmer powder, compact mirror and cosmetic bag, this beautiful set was originally £16 reduced to £8

have you braved the sales?? if so had any bargains??

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

what i got for christmas

Hello lovelies, hope your all well and have had an amazing Christmas, for the first time in a long time i dont even want to look at another bit of food in a while ;) haha..i love reading posts on what people got for Christmas so i thought i would give it a go, however it felt slightly tedious taking photos of everything so i thought i would show you guys my main pressies, by no means at all am i bragging, i feel truly spoilt and extremely lucky!!
 first up is this beautiful return to Tiffany double heart pendant bought for me by my amazing boyfriend, for as long as i can remember i have drooled over Tiffany and dreamed of owning something, even if it was just the box (yes i am truly that sad haha) and the boy came up treats being the necklace i always swooned over!! none of my photos show the colour of the box that well its come up slightly blue for some reason :S
 also from the boyfriend i got a giant thumper from the Disney store, eeeeeek, i literally am a Bambi fanatic, so he also got me a few extras of the h&m perfumes etc because mine is running out pretty quick..i also received a Cath Kidston duvet cover, literally i should have had one of these yonks ago, ive made my bed without fail every day so far haha
 from my mum i received Mac's fabulously festive face kit, which will definitely appear in a few blog posts to come, i am obsessed with this set!!..however when i looked online to see the name my lipstick in my set has a different name to the other two in the sets :S and it came from mac aswell!!, anyone else had this?? 
so there we have it those were my main Christmas pressies..what did you get for Christmas? id love to see your posts if you've done one!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas


Hello lovelies, just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope you all have an amazing day and Santa brings you all you wish for!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Shambala Love

Hello lovelies i hope your all well, im sooo excited for Christmas, only 5 more sleeps ;) one must during Christmas time is a bit of housemate a little while ago introduced me to Shambala bracelets and i just loved them, adorned by celebs, Shambala bracelets seem to be a glitzy must have.
 however i hated the price tag so since then have been looking for a high street alternative but with no luck, that was until i read Corrie's post about receiving a Shambala beauty from misguided, so off i hopped to browse the website but still with no luck..but on Sunday night i looked again and found one, and for the grand total of £12.99 it was safe to say that i was pretty much excited, and immediately put in my order.
 ive heared alot of mixed views about misguided so i was a bit dubious about ordering from them, however i picked the saver delivery and it arrived yesterday :)

Then on Sunday during a trip to cribbs causeway with the boyfriend i very excitedly spotted these beauties out of the corner of my eye in new look, they were the last two sat on the shelf, so with my new look voucher and the fact they would cost £13 for the pair i happily went and bought them :).. the pink one is my faviourite so i think im gonna keep a look out for more coloured ones..i looked on the new look website to see if i could find a link but theres nothing, it was from a concession brand so you would probs have more luck going in store!!!

I am so happy with my purchases, my wrists are finally decked out for Christmas ;) 

Are you crazy for Shambala Bracelets?? or do you think its just a fad? found any bargains??

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Naughty Revlon Haul

 Hello lovelies hope your all beginning to think that boots is just a massive trap for me, whenever im in there something always catches my eye this time being revlons lipstick in skyline pink, i know i know i really dont need another lipstick but their becoming a massive addiction to me, aswell as the fact that i have swatched this so many times before and resisted!!..i noticed that if you spend £15 on Revlon goodies you got a free treat "little box of glamour" i got a lip gloss to go alongside the lipstick in crystal lilac.
 Sky line Pink is a lovely frost, a simple but none the less gorgeous pink, im planning on wearing this alot over Christmas!!
 Crystal Lilac is also a lovely shade and goes with skyline pink really not usually a fan of lipglosses because i always find them somewhat sticky but this is really nice
 So onto the freebies, im actually really pleased with these, usually its just tiny little testers in shades il never use but it contains a full size polish in gold coin, a reasonable size lip gloss in coral reef and a full size mascara in blackest black
 i always research buying mascaras alot cause i seem to be quite fussy, i still haven't found the perfect mascara which doesn't clump my lashes together, but im looking forward to trying this, i really like the size of the wand and it does not seem to have excess product on it, so this is a good start ;)
 im really excited about using the polish, after using facets of fuchsia i have high hopes for this, and it looks a lovely christmassy colour. as for the lip gloss coral reef isint a colour i would usually go for but il give it a go!!

have you tried any of these products??

Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Naughty Chanel Purchase

 Do you ever have a really stupid moment where you dont know whats come over you but you know you need to buy something and part your pennies without really thinking about it?? well i did exactly that on the weekend in my Weekly Update i mentioned that i had treated myself to something from Chanel, i was feeling pretty crappy with the flu and retail therapy with the boyf was much needed..i blame being ill for the purchase haha..Debenhams had their 15% off beauty and i had been really tempted to indulge in a Chanel Lipstick for quite a while, and with the discount i just couldnt say no :S
 My naughty purchase of choice was Chanels Rouge Coco Shine in Bonhuer, worst of all was that there were no muas involved in persuading my purchase just me and my boyfriend telling me i should spoil myself haha..
 The packaging like all Chanel makeup is absolutely beautiful, its the type of packaging you take out on the train just to flaunt it!..The lipstick itself is a beautiful colour a berry, pink with a glittery sheen to it..ive got to say i was slightly disappointed with the colour payoff as it is very sheer, i was expecting it to be slightly darker like the swatch on my hand. but on the upside it is a very wearable colour. But altogether i do really like it..i just dont think i should have parted my £23 on it..i bet your thinking 'Omg' cause i am to haha, but i think next time il research my purchase before going straight in there and buying on a whim haha..however my views are based on using the purchase once, so i might just might absolutely love it through more wear!!
 Have you tried any Chanel Lipsticks?? do you ever indulge in a naughty purchase you cannot really justify??

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well and feeling the festive spirit!! im finally uni free and home for Christmas, even if i do have to spend countless hours on my dissertation!! so i have a bit of free time to do some posts :) in no way at all am i a makeup snob in any way, my love of makeup has come from drug store brands namely Barry m and rimmel, but i do like to dabble in high end brands from time to ever growing love has definitely been MAC lipsticks, i know some dont but i love the packaging, the smell and everything about the lipsticks and i feel quite special when i get to part my well earned pennies (more like pounds) with them. So i thought id introduce you to my MAC lipstick collection!! by no means am i bragging WHATSOEVER..i love reading collection posts and thought you might like mine :S
 So here they are from L-R (im missing one cause my handbag in uni posses it haha) Show Orchid Amplified, Pervette Glaze, Bombshell frost, cremecup cremesheen, whirls and twirls glaze, Hibiscus cremesheen, viva glam gaga 2 amplified, Saint Germain amplified

Are you a MAC lipstick addict?? if you've done a post on your collection, send me a link id love to see them :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ChristmasTag 2

Hello lovelies i hope your all having a good start to the week, excluding my horrendous cold i have had such a lovely christmassy day today wrapping Christmas presents and putting the decs up with the housemate :) keeping with the Christmas spirit, when i saw the lovely Amy's Christmas tag i knew i had to give it a go!!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
definitely hot chocolate, with lashings of cream and marshmallows, nom..i tried egg nog last Christmas and hated it!!..although over these two id definitely pick Starbucks gingerbread lattes, there so christmassy!!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
elfs wrap the presents and Santa puts them under the tree ;) haha

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
id say coloured lights on the Christmas tree, and my parents usually put them in the conservatory which looks really nice, but i think id say white lights for outside

Do you hang mistletoe?

When do you put your decorations up?
usually two weeks before Christmas, basically whenever we are all together to put them up
 What is your favourite holiday dish?
easy Christmas dinner, nom

Favourite Holiday memory as a child?
i have so many. recently my mum put all the old videos of me and my brother onto DVD, and theres a clip of me and my brother squealing with excitement cause Santa had brought us the same thing, i think its something definitely magical and special to look back on!! the other one that definitely stands out is when i though i had seen santas sleigh on my window :)..i shall now stop before i keep going on haha

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
.ah it literally broke my heart, it was in year 7 (yep pretty late finding out) in a history lesson, when my teacher turned around and said dont be stupid theres no such thing as Santa :(..bare in mind this was a month before Christmas i went home and told my mum i didn't want Christmas that year :( haha

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? 
nope Christmas presents are for Christmas day!! the only pressies i open early are maybe ones ive received from friends

 How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
mine and my boyfriends Christmas tree is quite simple but totally us which i love, but i also love the family Christmas tree, its full of various ornaments and lots of tinsel, basically every year a decoration is bought so its like looking back at memories, its very special!! and my boyfriend have already started to do this :) haha

Snow! Love it or Dread it?
if ive got nothing planned then i bloody love it!!..but if i know its gonna come when i really dont want it to i bloody dread it haha

Can you ice skate?
ive never been (:O i know) but im planning to change it this weekend!!

Do you remember your favourite gift?
there have been so many Christmases i dont think i could pick, when i was younger i remember receiving a lala rucksack, and receiving my first camera (and can totally vouch for being snap happy ever since) haha..but i dont think i have a faviourite ive loved everything each year in different ways 

What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you?
 getting to spend quality time with my family.

What is your favourite Holiday Dessert?
im not really a fan of Christmas pud or anything so id just say my mums Christmas roulade!! 

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
even though me and my brother are grown up we still get mum and dad up stupidly early, helping to get food ready and watching all the Christmas tv in the evening :)..i also adore spending Christmas eve in my pj's watching all the Christmas films on TV!!

all photos

What tops your tree?
usually a sparkly star!! or an angel
Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
i love seeing peoples faces when you've bought something they love, so definitely giving, but its also nice to receive a pressie or two ;)

Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum?

Favourite Christmas show?
ooo dunno, i like watching all the comedies and the Christmas special doctor who 

Saddest Christmas Song?
i dunno theres probs a few i suppose

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