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Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Naughty Chanel Purchase

 Do you ever have a really stupid moment where you dont know whats come over you but you know you need to buy something and part your pennies without really thinking about it?? well i did exactly that on the weekend in my Weekly Update i mentioned that i had treated myself to something from Chanel, i was feeling pretty crappy with the flu and retail therapy with the boyf was much needed..i blame being ill for the purchase haha..Debenhams had their 15% off beauty and i had been really tempted to indulge in a Chanel Lipstick for quite a while, and with the discount i just couldnt say no :S
 My naughty purchase of choice was Chanels Rouge Coco Shine in Bonhuer, worst of all was that there were no muas involved in persuading my purchase just me and my boyfriend telling me i should spoil myself haha..
 The packaging like all Chanel makeup is absolutely beautiful, its the type of packaging you take out on the train just to flaunt it!..The lipstick itself is a beautiful colour a berry, pink with a glittery sheen to it..ive got to say i was slightly disappointed with the colour payoff as it is very sheer, i was expecting it to be slightly darker like the swatch on my hand. but on the upside it is a very wearable colour. But altogether i do really like it..i just dont think i should have parted my £23 on it..i bet your thinking 'Omg' cause i am to haha, but i think next time il research my purchase before going straight in there and buying on a whim haha..however my views are based on using the purchase once, so i might just might absolutely love it through more wear!!
 Have you tried any Chanel Lipsticks?? do you ever indulge in a naughty purchase you cannot really justify??

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  1. I do this too often, especially if I have a bad day at work before I know it I'm in Selfridges at the MAC counter on my lunch break!! x

  2. Hi Sophie, I'm always shopping and over indulging. I don't think I actually have a Chanel lippie in my vast selection so I'm adding it to a (very long) list for Santa Claus :) Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Toni- its so bad yet to easy to do :S haha xx

    little miss em- no probs :) i can relate with the ever lasting Christmas list haha xx

  4. eeep <3 such a pretty colour!, you're lucky!

    And yes i also do this a lot! haha, i really should just save up and not spend it all haha ( every month, the first week after i get my pay check i've already like spent half of it :S)

  5. Its good to treat yourself! Fab colour xx

  6. I love how you're doing your photos with the little stars - beaut xx

  7. aww thank you :) i bought them and wanted to put them to good use haha :) xx

  8. nena- thanks lovely, your just like me my paychecks gone within a matter of days :( haha xx

    Abbie- naughty but nice, thankyooou xx

  9. I have never tried a Chanel lipstick but it's definitely on my wishlist! haha! xo

    1. I sadly lost this lipstick :O..disgraceful I know, but I would love another one day, that's if the other doesn't turn up xx