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Friday, 30 December 2011

A Dabble at Nail art, Fearne Cotton Style!!!

Hello lovelies, now its safe to say that i am a total sucker for anything nail related, something that i have been desperate to try for a long while is nail wraps, however the price kinda put me off, that was until i spotted these beauties in the boots sale

Everything about the Fearne range is lovely, from the quirky packaging to the unique designs, and it really portrays the original style that the beauty herself has..last year i purchased some of her sets along with the brush set which i received as a present, and have loved them dearly.

this set is no exception!!..the instructions are easy to follow and its pretty simple to achieve, i basically used the nail art stickers, a nail file and a scissors. The only problem i had was bubbling along the top of of the nail whilst trying to trim the top of the sticker, you also need to have quite a bit of patience, i dont think i could have done this in a rush!!

 my nail before the sticker had been cut and the result..tbh i really love the effect of these beauties, im definitely glad i purchased a few sets, how long do they last? il have to get back to you on that one ;)
 these are currently available in Boots, for £3 on the sale, what a bargain eh..have any of you tried the fearne nail wraps?? any other easy nail wrap designs out there??

photo of fearne from instyle

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  1. These look good. I tried the Nail Rock stickers last night and I got to the second nail before I had to take them off. It just didnt feel right!

  2. thankyou, i know what you mean, who would have thought putting stickers on our nails would be fashionable haha xx

  3. These look really good and I love this design. I will have to have a go at these!! :) xox

  4. I just awarded your blog :) xox

  5. They look fab. I still havent tried nail wraps I must try them soon :) x

  6. Aaaah, I love them! Your blog is super cute, I'm now following <3

  7. jen- they were super easy and looked pretty cool but they dont last that long :s xx

    tinkerbelldani- aww thankyou so so much xx

    sarahseesall- they were surprisingly easy to apply you just need a bit of time and patience ;) haha xx

    summer- aww thankyou so much, im glad you like it xx