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Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Weekly Update

Hello lovelies, hope your all well and feeling christmassy..urgh i am literally so full of cold with loads of dissertation work and so on to do, but on the upside only a few days left till i can go home for Christmas YAY :)..i haven't done a weekly update for a good week or to, so heres what ive been up to!!

 1. i have been helping my gorgeous friend Abby with her battlefront campaign post here 

2. as a special treat for all our hard work we had a proper catch up over cocktails in TGI's nom nom, i now have a current addiction to barnamint baileys..i personally blame Abby for this for introducing me to it haha
 3. my gorgeous putty cat billy in his Santa outfit ;) haha, Ben on the other hand was having none of it haha
 4. mine and tims first little Christmas tree :)
 5. my other little Christmas tree and the lovely sparkly lights in brizzle
 6. there is nothing better than spending a Saturday cuddled up with the boyfriend drinking hot chocolate and watching Karl Pilkington (im actually gutted theres not gonna be a third series) 
 7. seriously how amazing are the puds in Jimmy Spices?? i think i went a bit overboard with the whole all you can eat haha

8. J20 Glitter Berry, i know alot of people dont like it but it looks so pretty and tastes so christmassy
9. loving the free Models Own lipglosses when you buy two bottles of diet coke in boots!!

10. and finally last but certainly not least due to my horrendous cold i decided to treat myself to a little something from Chanel, when im feeling less awful il do a full post on it :) 

So what have you been up to lately??

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  1. great pics, I have christmas photos on my blog too. And we have the same starbucks cup :)

  2. aww thankyou :) i love everything christmassy!!..the starbucks mug is awesome ;) xx