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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Shambala Love

Hello lovelies i hope your all well, im sooo excited for Christmas, only 5 more sleeps ;) one must during Christmas time is a bit of housemate a little while ago introduced me to Shambala bracelets and i just loved them, adorned by celebs, Shambala bracelets seem to be a glitzy must have.
 however i hated the price tag so since then have been looking for a high street alternative but with no luck, that was until i read Corrie's post about receiving a Shambala beauty from misguided, so off i hopped to browse the website but still with no luck..but on Sunday night i looked again and found one, and for the grand total of £12.99 it was safe to say that i was pretty much excited, and immediately put in my order.
 ive heared alot of mixed views about misguided so i was a bit dubious about ordering from them, however i picked the saver delivery and it arrived yesterday :)

Then on Sunday during a trip to cribbs causeway with the boyfriend i very excitedly spotted these beauties out of the corner of my eye in new look, they were the last two sat on the shelf, so with my new look voucher and the fact they would cost £13 for the pair i happily went and bought them :).. the pink one is my faviourite so i think im gonna keep a look out for more coloured ones..i looked on the new look website to see if i could find a link but theres nothing, it was from a concession brand so you would probs have more luck going in store!!!

I am so happy with my purchases, my wrists are finally decked out for Christmas ;) 

Are you crazy for Shambala Bracelets?? or do you think its just a fad? found any bargains??

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