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Thursday, 29 December 2011

hitting the sales

hello lovelies, i dont know about you, but i bloody love a bargain, me and my cousin were discussing on Christmas day how much our family loves a bargain and i put my cheap thinking skills into action yesterday when i got dragged around the sales by my mother, yes my mother is worse than me i dont know how long i spent following her around marks and spencers, it felt like a lifetime but was all fun!! not really a fan of the sales after working in retail (people will seriously do anything to get the last top etc) but boots is the one place that i will gladly part my Christmas money with, before Christmas i will always nosey around the Christmas gift sets and what i like i put on my wishlist and what i dont receive i hope for the sales and this year i was pretty lucky with my sale purchases

 first up i got these lovely make up brushes from the fearne cotton range, my boyfriend bought me the leopard print set for Christmas last year and i have used them to death so i had my eye on these, they were originally £16 and i payed £8 for them
 also from the fearne cotton range i got these nail art transfer/ stickers, ive wanted to try them for a while and for £3 if i dont like or cannot use them then its not the end of the world, these were originally £6 each
 i have received this set fro Christmas every year from my mum, as im obsessed with the instant wash off fake tan, she couldnt get her hands on it this year, so i quickly snapped it up for £6..seriously this is the yummiest smelling fake tan i love it!!
 what attracted me to this set was the drawers more so than the makeup, they remind me of the muji acrylic drawers i have seen flying across the blogosphere these were originally £45 reduced to a brilliant £22.50
 in the first drawer is a set of brushes, a retractable kabuki, tweezers and two lipglosses, i love the butterfly pattern on the brushes and the tweezers are really good!!
 in the second drawer are two sets of fake eyelashes (perfect for new years etc) two eyeliner pencils and three glitter dusts, all in all you definitely get your moneys worth for this
 and finally last but not least this lovely chilli pepper set which includes a lipgloss, blusher, powder brush, shimmer powder, compact mirror and cosmetic bag, this beautiful set was originally £16 reduced to £8

have you braved the sales?? if so had any bargains??

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  1. Those brushes look amazing, nice findings

  2. You got amazing things and such good prices! I haven't bothered with the sales at all this year, it's just too chaotic for me, although I am very jealous of everyone who got bargains! x

  3. So many great things!! You lucky girl!!

  4. Hey Sophie! I tagged you in a little game on my blog!

  5. Maya- thanks, i love a bargain xx

    Sarah-same as but boots is as far as il go, being pushed and shoved by others is not my cup of tea haha xx

    girlieandglamorous- thaaaaanks xx

    jessie mariem- aww thanks il take a look :) xx

  6. I love that chilli pepper set how pretty x

  7. You got some great finds there. Happy New year!! xx

  8. sarahseesall- its the packaging that sold it for me, the mirror and the detail on the blush is so so pretty xx

    abbie- thankyou, happy new year to you to xx