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Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Body Shop Freebie= an unnecessary purchase!!

 I dont know what it is about The Body Shop, but it has the great ability to lure me in and make me part my pennies in return for unnecessary items!! well this exact thing happened tuesday during a trip to Cabot circus!!..a sales assistant was standing outside the shop with a basket full of empty pots, which you could bring inside to get a free sample of whatever you wished (excluding makeup) off me and my friend trotted in smelling and testing all of the lovely delights..i finally decided to choose the cranberry joy shimmer body lotion, it smells yummy, leaves my hands feeling soft, and best of all it has shimmer (kerchiing) i was happily ready to leave the shop when my friend spotted the coconut shimmer body butter!!
left cranberry joy shimmer body lotion and right, coconut shimmer body butter
 there is something about anything coconut related that my mind just automatically tells me i need it (when in reality i bloody well dont haha)..the sales assistant kindly gave us a second little tester, which was great, but then she did the 'this is on offer for half price'. well what do you know before i knew it i had parted £6 for this yummy treat!!
 This is really smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling so smooth, which is brilliant for my skin with all this cold weather, and it is full of shimmer, perfect for the Christmas season!!

Do you ever get roped into buying something you know you dont need?? 

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  1. Yes, I also always get pulled into the body shop especially during their clearance events!!

  2. hahaha..i dont even go near there on the sales its just to risky ;) haha xx