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Saturday, 27 October 2012

MAC Candy yum yum Vs Jack Wills Hot Pink

Hey lovelies!! 
Would it be wrong of me to suggest that Candy yum yum is one of MACs most sought after limited edition lipsticks? If the re release of the bright pink wonder as part of the MAC by request collection is anything to go by, then I think its an acceptable statement. On top of this Candy yum yum on eBay (no doubt a fake lippie) sells within the region of £40 (say whaaa??) 
After excitedly purchasing the fabulous Barbie Pink lipstick, and with all the stir over its re release I decided to compare it with other pinks in my collection to see whether it was really that unique! my opinion?? Candy yum yum has a cheaper and funkier packaged twin in the form of Jack Wills Hot Pink. 
Colour Pay off!! 
Although not identical in their bullets, once applied Candy yum yum and Hot Pink are very similar in colour. Although Hot Pink is the darker of the two in the bullet its infact brighter than Candy yum yum once applied.
Both are matte and because of this I find Hot Pink to be somewhat drying, however its nothing a little lipgloss wont fix. In terms of longevity they both last on the lips for a reasonable amount of hours. 

No matter how much I love the sleek black bullet MAC lipsticks come packaged within, Hot Pink has that extra edge with the gorgeous navy and pink stripes, offering something a little different.

As far as I am aware Hot Pink can be purchased from most Jack Wills stores, and if not their outlet stores. Candy yum yum on the other hand although recently re released as part of the MAC by request collection, has already sold out online, although may still be available in store. 

Altogether both MAC and Jack Wills offer great Barbie Pink lipsticks!! Although Hot Pink is somewhat drying It is a cheaper and more accessible alternative to Candy yum yum!! 

Have you found a dupe to Candy yum yum?? 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Fancies #3 .. Wildfox

So I have a confession to make, a while back I might have *ahem* purchased the wildfox no9 sweater from ASOS  during one of their many sales, reduced from £90 to around £70 I stupidly convinced myself that this sweater would be a worthwhile purchase, and I sadly have to admit that I think that it was money definitely well spent. Ridiculously soft, baggy but at the same time fashionable I cant help but live in my guilty little purchase. 
Due to my new love affair with the brand I cant help but admire what else Wildfox has to offer. My faviourites to lust after have to be the heart sweater made famous by Taylor Swift, and the gorgeous star patterned jumper, but priced at the £200 mark this will stay a friday fancy, unless ASOS have a rather large sale ;) 
What do you think of the Wildfox craze? Do you love their items or hate them?? 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Its the little things in life..

..That make us smile the most!!

1. MAGAZINE FREEBIES- Once again a monthly magazine have Benefit minis as a freebie. Dashing to Tesco to get the latest Instyle reminded me of being 10 again, when I used to excitedly do the weekly shop with my mum to get the latest Mizz Magazine. Theres nothing better than a good read and a fabulous freebie!!

2. ADVENT CALENDERS FILLED WITH NAIL POLISH- if you read my recent post then you'll understand my excitement over this years advent calender, surely waking up to a little bottle of miniature goodness is enough to put a smile on any girls face??

3. BAKING- after recently biting the bullet and indulging in a sugar craft course, I have well and truly got the baking bug. I enjoy baking, I enjoy decorating what ive made, I love admiring my creations and best of all I love devouring every piece. 

4. REMINISCING- My Graduation saw the end of a massive chapter in my life, a journey of adventures, with both highs and lows, making lifelong friends and memories on the way. So lately I have found myself reminiscing over all the nights out, the random adventures and holidays, and of course my never ending dinner dates with Abby. Whenever I feel down, looking back at fabulous memories never fails to put a smile on my face. 

5. LUSH- Am I the only one who leaves a Lush store with a great big smile on my face?? not only a shop full of enough items to give your senses a party ( im looking at you melted snowmen), but the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. Talking to the wonderful staff at my local Lush yesterday left me feeling happy, with faith restored in mankind. How many times do we all enter a shop to be faced with a miserable sales assistant, a friendly hello and better than that a random conversation is enough to make me smile!! 

What little things have made you smile lately?? 

Monday, 22 October 2012

A nail addicts dream, is now a reality!!

I will put my hands up and admit that I am a total child when it comes to Christmas, I may be 21 but to me its still a truly magical time of year. With this being the case I do my utmost each year to get thoroughly into the Christmas spirit, which means lusting after Starbucks red cups, consuming my body weight in mulled wine and mince pies, pulling out the woolly jumpers and decorating the house in all that sparkles. Of course aswell as this I eagerly await the 1st of December when I can start waking up to a chocolate each morning and counting down the days till old st nick comes down our chimneys once more. 
So whats better than a chocolate filled advent calender to count away the days?? I think I would have to say an advent calender filled with nail polishes!! and no ive not made this up (although this is every girls dream right?), this year thanks to Ciate and Selfridges all us make up addicts out there can wake up to a 5ml mini nail polish each morning throughout December!! 
The advent itself contains 17 mini polishes, 4 pots of their caviar offerings, aswell as 3 unseen shades exclusive to the advent ( ive got a sneaky feeling that they are glitters). It almost sounds to good to be true right? The only downfall is that compared to the conventional £2 advent calender, this baby will set you back nearly £40, the price of 4 full sized Ciate polishes, not bad if you ask me, but then I am a nail addict after all. 
You can purchase this fabulous set from, aswell as in store!!

Will you be waking up to a Nail Polish a day this December or will you be sticking to a good old chocolate Santa?? 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Life in Instagram #1

It seriously has been ages since Ive done a life in Instagram post, and with an increasing amount of people getting the instabug (myself especially) I have found myself snapping away at everything in site!! So heres a little look into my life of late. 

 a chilled evening with candles and the fowler sister ;) // lusting after this wildfox beaut // my attempt at sugarcraft // getting slightly carried away wrapping presents // lazy day attire // gingerbread nomness
 me and my cuddle buddy // white hot chocolate // reminiscing over my sixth form years//
my newest addiction // pretty bottles // a cheeky zara purchase
 no makeup // my attempt at making a birthday pavlova // found my old barbie's whilst clearing the attic //
3 year anniversary present from my wonderful boyfriend // my bracelet joining the arm candy party // ahhh
Marilyn Monroe for mac // first pumpkin spiced latte of the year // delicious pud at my cousins wedding //
a few new girly reads // love frame // a surprise in the post from what's in my handbag 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe // Scarlet Ibis & Love Goddess

Long gone are the days where I daydreamed about drawers full of every MAC lipstick ever produced, with rows of limited edition products in all their unique packaged glory (note to imagination, I would need a monthly pay check resembling that of a millionaires, secondly what a total waste of money). 
However every once in a while MAC release a collection that leaves me questioning my sanity with thoughts of running to the nearest counter to purchase every item with backups. 
When temptalia released pictures of the latest Marilyn Monroe collection, I was instantly smitten with MAC's limited edition offerings and silly thoughts of grand purchases crossed my mind. 

Note- I apologize for showing you lovely lot what I purchased, as im aware that many of the items sold like hot cakes on the MAC website. However there are still some items available both on the website and if lucky enough in store!!  

So the items I snapped up were love goddess (satin) and Scarlet Ibis (matte). On a side note although I adore the shades I purchased I have a slight gripe with the MAC website, in that the swatches never seem to match up to the true colour lipstick itself. 

Being a fan of Marilyn, I couldnt help but smile at the unseen photos that MAC decided to used on the packaging for the collection, rather than going for the iconic snaps that we all know (and love I may add). 
Love goddess is a satin finished red/dark pink colour. To be honest I would class this as dark pink toned rather than red, but its safe to say that im smitten. Opaque with just one coat I can see this becoming a firm faviourite, and an alternative to the usual red lip (im to scared to try a true red shade ha) 
Scarlet Ibis is a re release from the Iris Apfel collection. A gorgeous matte reddish orange shade,that like love goddess is opaque with just one coat. I was concerned about how wearable it would be however I think it would suit most skin tones, and I really like how it looks. Perhaps not a shade for day time (for me personally) but a perfect lippie for a night out!! Like most MAC shades this beauty is long wearing, and the remains of the swatch stayed on my hand for quite a while ha 

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