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Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Fancies #3 .. Wildfox

So I have a confession to make, a while back I might have *ahem* purchased the wildfox no9 sweater from ASOS  during one of their many sales, reduced from £90 to around £70 I stupidly convinced myself that this sweater would be a worthwhile purchase, and I sadly have to admit that I think that it was money definitely well spent. Ridiculously soft, baggy but at the same time fashionable I cant help but live in my guilty little purchase. 
Due to my new love affair with the brand I cant help but admire what else Wildfox has to offer. My faviourites to lust after have to be the heart sweater made famous by Taylor Swift, and the gorgeous star patterned jumper, but priced at the £200 mark this will stay a friday fancy, unless ASOS have a rather large sale ;) 
What do you think of the Wildfox craze? Do you love their items or hate them?? 

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  1. I do like wildfox jumpers but I dont think I could justify spending that much on one unless they have a big sale like you said :)

    1. It really is a shame they dont release a cheaper range so that we could all share the goodness ;) haha.. thanks for the comment lovely xx

  2. I really like all of those tops/jumpers. I really wished I had the money to splash on lots of bits :)

    1. and me Hun :)..they really are lovely jumpers I just dont think their worth the high price tags!!..thanks for the comment lovely xx