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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Its the little things in life..

..That make us smile the most!!

1. MAGAZINE FREEBIES- Once again a monthly magazine have Benefit minis as a freebie. Dashing to Tesco to get the latest Instyle reminded me of being 10 again, when I used to excitedly do the weekly shop with my mum to get the latest Mizz Magazine. Theres nothing better than a good read and a fabulous freebie!!

2. ADVENT CALENDERS FILLED WITH NAIL POLISH- if you read my recent post then you'll understand my excitement over this years advent calender, surely waking up to a little bottle of miniature goodness is enough to put a smile on any girls face??

3. BAKING- after recently biting the bullet and indulging in a sugar craft course, I have well and truly got the baking bug. I enjoy baking, I enjoy decorating what ive made, I love admiring my creations and best of all I love devouring every piece. 

4. REMINISCING- My Graduation saw the end of a massive chapter in my life, a journey of adventures, with both highs and lows, making lifelong friends and memories on the way. So lately I have found myself reminiscing over all the nights out, the random adventures and holidays, and of course my never ending dinner dates with Abby. Whenever I feel down, looking back at fabulous memories never fails to put a smile on my face. 

5. LUSH- Am I the only one who leaves a Lush store with a great big smile on my face?? not only a shop full of enough items to give your senses a party ( im looking at you melted snowmen), but the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. Talking to the wonderful staff at my local Lush yesterday left me feeling happy, with faith restored in mankind. How many times do we all enter a shop to be faced with a miserable sales assistant, a friendly hello and better than that a random conversation is enough to make me smile!! 

What little things have made you smile lately?? 

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