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Thursday, 11 October 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe // Scarlet Ibis & Love Goddess

Long gone are the days where I daydreamed about drawers full of every MAC lipstick ever produced, with rows of limited edition products in all their unique packaged glory (note to imagination, I would need a monthly pay check resembling that of a millionaires, secondly what a total waste of money). 
However every once in a while MAC release a collection that leaves me questioning my sanity with thoughts of running to the nearest counter to purchase every item with backups. 
When temptalia released pictures of the latest Marilyn Monroe collection, I was instantly smitten with MAC's limited edition offerings and silly thoughts of grand purchases crossed my mind. 

Note- I apologize for showing you lovely lot what I purchased, as im aware that many of the items sold like hot cakes on the MAC website. However there are still some items available both on the website and if lucky enough in store!!  

So the items I snapped up were love goddess (satin) and Scarlet Ibis (matte). On a side note although I adore the shades I purchased I have a slight gripe with the MAC website, in that the swatches never seem to match up to the true colour lipstick itself. 

Being a fan of Marilyn, I couldnt help but smile at the unseen photos that MAC decided to used on the packaging for the collection, rather than going for the iconic snaps that we all know (and love I may add). 
Love goddess is a satin finished red/dark pink colour. To be honest I would class this as dark pink toned rather than red, but its safe to say that im smitten. Opaque with just one coat I can see this becoming a firm faviourite, and an alternative to the usual red lip (im to scared to try a true red shade ha) 
Scarlet Ibis is a re release from the Iris Apfel collection. A gorgeous matte reddish orange shade,that like love goddess is opaque with just one coat. I was concerned about how wearable it would be however I think it would suit most skin tones, and I really like how it looks. Perhaps not a shade for day time (for me personally) but a perfect lippie for a night out!! Like most MAC shades this beauty is long wearing, and the remains of the swatch stayed on my hand for quite a while ha 

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  1. These look like really lovely shades I bet they really suit you.

    1. aww thankyou :)..I love how there reds but not to out of my comfort zone xx

  2. Although there's not much in it I prefer Love Goddess, both are really wearable shades!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo