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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


If you read my post a week or so ago about the hyped about EOS Lipbalms then you'll know that ive truly fallen hook, line and sinker for their egg shaped charm. With the release of the British alternative in the shape of the Balmi lip balms, i couldnt wait to get my mitts on the supposed EOS dupe, but which do i prefer??

The balms I will be comparing are Balmi's Coconut and raspberry (seriously smells like the munch bunch yogurts my mum used to buy me when i was small ha), and EOS' summer fruits and Sweet Mint 

Although very similar, there is quite a considerable difference in packaging between the EOS and Balmi balms. The EOS balms are very much egg shaped and a lot larger than the sphere shaped packaging offered by Balmi. They both have that same rubberish texture and in all honesty both are pretty darn cute.
However i have a gripe with the Balmi packaging, at the bottom Balmi offer a key charm, which although is a great concept in theory as you can attach the balm to your keys or the inside of your bag, but in reality this charm is attached to a segment at the bottom that can be removed from the rest of the packaging exposing the bottom of the balm. Therefore if you were to somehow lose the bottom or pull it off then the balm would inevitably dry out.
EOS 10/10
BALMI 8/10 

The Balms 
Both balms offer Vitamin E, soothing Shea butter and jojoba oil, and both claim to leave the lips soft and nourished. EOS and Balmi balms leave the lips moisturized. However i think Balmi packs that extra punch, as the balms leave my lips feeling ultra nourished, to top this off Balmi offers spf15, which is a bonus leaving lips protected. 
EOS 9/10
BALMI 10/10 

Altogether both Balmi and EOS offer great, alternative Lipbalms, that go past the novelty packaging (although i do love it), offering great flavours, amazingly scented and ultra moisturizing they are both definitely worth a purchase. However for me i think i prefer the Balmi lip balms even though i do have a gripe with the packaging. 
EOS isint readily available in the UK but can be purchased from the likes of Amazon for around £7
Balmi can be purchased from most boots stores for around £4 

Have you tried EOS or Balmi Lipbalms?? or both?? what did you think??  

strawberry, coconut, mint, raspberry
summer fruit. lemon drops spf15, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, sweet mint

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  1. Can you get both of these in the UK? x

    1. yes lovely, you can get the balmi balms from boots!! and although you can get EOS balms from stores you can buy them from amazon for about £6 :) hope that helps xx

  2. dying to try the balmi! i need it on my car keys :)xxx

  3. I have EOS here in the US and I love them however I am jealous the balm has a coconut one and EOS doesn't!! :o(

    1. im quite surprised they dont have a coconut one, if its any consolation im jel of all the EOS ones you can get, its hard to get all of them here xx

  4. Me being from the US, it's strange enough that I like the Balmi balms better than EOS and since I don't get them here readily, I ask my cousins from London to get them for me every time they drop by. Funny, isn't it?

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