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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

As most probably the case for others, one of my first ever makeup products was a lovely multicolored eyeshadow palette, I used to think it was the bees knees having an array of chalky colours to decorate my lids (ugh i ask my young self why?), thankfully since then my taste has matured and an array of palettes have braced my makeup collection. Without a doubt my faviourite palettes to this day have been down to the wonderful work of Urban Decay (my makeup bag would not be right without the naked palette), with their soft, pigmented and long lasting shades whats not to love? So when i heared about the release of their build your own palette, i was desperate to get my mitts on one.

Urban Decay have jumped on the custom palette bandwagon and have created a bright, fun and well designed palette.
The palette costs £14 and comes with a free good karma brush, eyeshadow in the colour walk of shame and a rather decent sized mirror. 
Unlike other conventional freedom palettes, Urban Decay have somewhat removed the de-potting stage by also re releasing some of their shadows with a simple package  in which the shadow itself can be popped out of the pot and securely clipped into the palette, in turn also making it easier to swap and change the shadows within the palette (i can imagine my former younger self filling this with every lurid shade of purple and pink going ha). 

 In all honesty since i received this for my birthday, this little gem has sat somewhat unloved in my drawer, you may be wondering why if i love urban decay shadows so much? well my one gripe with the concept is that to fill the palette will cost a whopping £70, with each singular shadow costing £14 (that could get me two new naked palettes for that). However once i purchase another shade or two i can see this being a versatile and well loved palette. 

Altogether the Urban Decay build your own palette is a welcome addition to my ever growing shadow collection, a perfect palette sturdy enough to take away on trips and such like, although the only downful is the cost to fill it!! 

Have you tried the build your own palette??
do you think its a good idea or a waste of money?? 

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  1. The price shocked me as well! It seems like such a great idea in theory but there really aren't enough people willing to pay that much money to fill it up. I got the Naked2 palette and I am loving it!

    1. I totally agree!! I love my naked palette and use it on a daily basis, but this has been put aside until I fill it, but then still I would rather spend £14 on something other than an eyeshadow..although when I do fill it I can see it being a firm faviourite haha xx