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Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 22

Hello lovelies,
I hope your all well, i cant believe yet another week is nearly over already :O 
So my question for today is , what makes me happy, so here goes!!!

My Boyfriend
Me and Tim have been together two awesome years, he's not just my boyfriend but he's also my best friend, life wouldn't be right without him, and spending time with him definately makes me im in uni half of the time, being in a long distance relationship makes us appreciate the time we have together!!

My Family
I have a crazy, big ass family, and i love each one of them to shreds, iv'e sadly lost my great gran recently, and both my grandparents have been quite ill and it makes you realise to appreciate every moment with them, most girls will say they are a daddy's girl which to an extent i am ;) but i am definately a nana's girl :) 

me, mum, dad and my brother

 My Friends
I love each and everyone of my friends, whether its the friends i seldom see at home, school friends or my uni friends i just couldnt be without them!!
My crazy housemates and below, a random night out with the uni lot ;)

There are many other things i could list that make me happy, but these three things are always at the basis of my happiness :)

So there you go a very soppy post from me ;)
So what makes you Happy??

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June Faviourites.&.30 Day Challenge..Day 21

Hello Lovelies,
So its my first month at this but i though id give my monthly faviourite's a go:)..So here's the products i couldnt be without in the month of June.

Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic
I think this is the biggest go to item i own, especially on the days when i cant be bothered to do much with my makeup, ive had this beauty for just over a month and ive already hit the ban on boing 1, it just makes my complexion look good without much effort

Benefit High Beam
So when i found out this was going to be in glamour magazine i had to try it, after hearing raves about it on YouTube i really wanted to try it and this was the perfect opportunity, ive been using it under my eyes and on my cheek bones, i especially love how a little goes a long way with Benefit and i will definately buy the full size product at some point

Elf All over Cover Stick in Pink Lemonade
for £1.50 i just think this is an awesome product, on lazy days iv'e been wearing it as a Blusher alternative

Mac Creme Cup
Okay so this isint just my June faviourite its my all time faviourite Lipstick, which was my challenge question today, i think its a perfect every day colour, and even my mum has taken a fancy to it haha 

Lauren's Way Tanning Lotion
I take back my first opinions of this, ive grown to love it now, when i first used it the tan only lasted about two days, however as i have kept using the tan has lasted about a week, maybe not as dark as the first day, but it leaves a really lovely summer glow, it also has a lovely fresh smell to it, although you cant get away from the 'fake tan' smell.

DKNY Be Delicious
Love love love this, its a perfect summer scent 

Mac Surf Baby Nail Polish- Ocean Dip
Although i have flitted from one polish to the next, this has been my toes colour of choice ;) for the past month, and its not going anytime soon!!

Sleek Monaco Palette
I think the palette speaks for itself, its just full of really lovely summery colours, I've had a slight obsession with turquoise colours lately so this is just perfect :)

So what are your June Faviourite's??

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

OPI ..Ahoy me Hearties

Hello Lovelies
hot pirates **cough**Jack Sparrow...Disney, mermaids, some of the lovely images conjured up when i think of Pirates of the Caribbean, now OPI as most of you probably know have added to the mix, in the form of 7 lovely shades.

So i willingly invested in the minis Kit, although i shall no doubt invest in the other three!!..the set includes planks a lot, sparrow me the drama, skull and glossbones and strangers tide

these are four really lovely pastel colours, skull and glossbones and strangers tide are slightly similar in colour but i dont think my camera has done these colours justice. Planks a lot is a lovely lilac purple, and sparrow me the drama a lovely pink..but the special thing about these little polishes is definately the other two, strangers tide is like a funny greeny/grey colour i just love it and skull and glossbones a slate grey...okay so there not overly unusual to any other polish but as a set i think the four just work really well together :) 

As for application i needed two coats for my own personal taste, as i like it quite thick, but one will do, i didn't need a top coat either as i liked the finished effect...also you cant go wrong with the packaging (i think il sadly hold on to mine haha)

And to the three i sadly dont own, if there are half good as the others they are DEFINATELY worth getting!!

Anyone else tried these beauties??
Any other good OPI sets??

30 Day Challenge..Day 20

Hello Lovelies,
Hope your all having a good week so far, So my question for today is my faviourite Mascara, this idea couldnt have come at a better time, I have had two solid mascaras i have used non stop for the past two years and i think its time to try something new!!

top, L-R: Maybeline Define a Lash Pulse Perfection Mascara, Mac Haute & Naughty
bottom, L-R: Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes, Maybeline Great Lash Mascara

So my Mascaras of choice for the past two years have been the define a pulse perfection and the great lash mascara. the define a pulse perfection is brilliant, it has a little vibrating thing on the brush handle which helps to lengthen your lashes and i also find that it also stops my lashes from getting clumpy. Great Lash Mascara i love because it also makes my lashes long and thick, however it is without a doubt one of the clumpiest mascaras i have ever used!!

iv'e got to be honest i originally bought both of them because of the hype, and although i love them i think there just not good enough anymore!! (out with the old and all that jazz haha)

Anyone of you lovely bloggers have any suggestions for me??

After looking through different blogs and online i like the sound of Mac Haute and Naughty and Jelly Pong Pong Fairy lucky in the Lash department as my lashes are quite long but i like the 'fake lash' look so any suggestions are welcome!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

So i went into boots :S....and a NOTD

Hello lovelies, apologies for the second post in one day, ive been meaning to do this post and only now have found the time :) as the post title may suggest i went into boots for one thing and came out with well alot :S, bare in mind two of the items aren't actually from boots but ive decided to include them in my wee haul (I really should be banned from 'strolling' into boots). 
Picture Heavy 

So i took full advantage of all the offers in Boots, firstly i picked up the Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, ive been thinking about having a go at nail art so its the perfect opportunity to try out something different, as this was 2 for £8 i also picked up Models Own golden Peach which is a definate summery hit with me.
I really needed an even tone concealer as my cheeks are looking really rosey and patchy lately, so i picked up the number 17 even tone concealer stick (any other alternatives you guys can suggest would be really grateful), i also picked up a number 17 every day lipstick in Belle 

Because i bought to number 17 items i received a free Nail Bar in a bag. The set includes two polishes in knockout red and pink grapefruit, it also included a nail art stickers and a file.

And finally i bought two dove deodorants which led to a free Nails inc polish in Copacabana...Nails Inc seem to be everywhere as late as part of freebie sets!!

 So my NOTD is Nails Inc's Copacabana as a base coat with  the Models Own Golden Peach as a top coat. usually Models Own Polishes, personally for me are always quite thick and one coat usually does the trick, however Golden Peach is very light and i feel it needs something underneath just to make it that bit darker. 

So these next and final two items are unsurprisingly not from Boots, but from the basis of online shopping :S
So first up is Illamasqua, its the liquid metal in enrapture, this little item was reduced from £20 to £12 along with a further 10% discount meaning it was only around £9.

 I must be honest im slightly disappointed with this item. Although it is a really lovely copper/golden colour and really pigmented and smells yummy, i just felt that for the price it is very very small (i would never pay full price for it), and it doesn't seem to last very long at all on my eyes, its also better as a base, than used on its own!!

I also purchased Mac's saint germain, i was browsing through Macs website as you do an shockingly came across this. I absolutely love it, its such a vibrant pink and so summery, although the colour will definately take some getting used to 

Swatches of Saint Germain and enrapture!!

And breathe haha, so if you've managed to get through this slightly long post, i thought i'd leave you all with this lovely picture from


Thanks for reading my Rambles 

Soph x

30 Day Challenge..Day 19..and In and Out

Hello lovelies, 
Hope your all having a good Monday, after the excitement of the very hot weather yesterday, im slightly disappointed by all this cloud atm. So I've seen this on a few people's blogs and decided to have a go, there's quite a few things im currently loving and loving not so much.

NARS Blush, Orgasm

I just cant get enough of it lately. As im currently awaiting my Nars Orgasm it is definately an In!!!

The Beach
I really cant get enough of the beach lately. Im really lucky to live so so close to some really awesome beaches, Come rain or shine im there ;) haha 

This was taken on Newgale beach, one of the seldom days we had sunshine last week

Nail Polish I actually think i have a small obsession with nail varnish, i find myself buying more and more lately, but a girl can never get enough right?? ;) ...Nail Varnish is definately a finishing touch to any outfit!!!

what is with all this awful weather, its meant to be the summer, im desperate to wear my shorts and strappy tops, please come out Mr sunshine!!!


Hay fever
I dont think I have stopped sneezing the past month or so, blocked and runny noses and coughing fits just isint sexy ;) haha 

What are you loving and hating at the moment??

Now onto my 30 Day Challenge, the question is my second faviourite beauty guru, so my first choice was Lauren Conrad post here 
So for the second guru, there isint just one person i could give it to, so heres a list of bloggers that i think you should check out and perhaps follow, there all so down to earth and they all have a wide range of things that they blog about :)

Hannah at Hello Beautiful
Gem at Flutter and Sparkle
Lou at Sprinkle of Glitter

Thanks for Reading my Rambles

Soph x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

the only way is hair extensions..or not??

hello lovelies,

hope your all enjoying your Thursday!! im having a bit of an eventful day, went for a walk with my mum and ended up gaining a friend (a dog in the name of bell) haha and have spent the whole afternoon trying to get her to go home (which shes finally done).
So Lauren Goodger has released a tanning range which was a definite hit with me and many others, however this is just not enough for the towie star as shes now released a range of hair extensions. Now im not one for extensions, the idea of trying to find some that match your hair and the application just seems to much of a fuss, however these clip in beauties look kind of appealing.

Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour:1)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 1B)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 2)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 4)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 5)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 37)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 22)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 613/27)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 613)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 3/18)

Im absolutely loving the names of these extensions aswell, especially legally blonde haha, however these extensions come at a hefty price of £120 but for a limited time there £60
if any of you are interested you you can buy the extensions from here
So what do you guys think?? i wonder what she will release next, Theres meant to be talks of her releasing her own makeup range but only time shall tell.
Lauren Goodger wants to launch her own make-up range

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 18

hello lovelies so my question for today and tomorrow are based on my faviourite beauty gurus, today im going to pick a celebrity who has recently created a beauty blog and tomorrow i will look at my faviourite beauty lovelies from the blogger/ you tube world

18.your faviourite beauty guru
My faviourite beauty guru is definately Lauren Conrad, apart from her amazing sense of fashion, her hair and makeup always looks flawless, there are countless amounts of times where i have watched her on the hills and wished i could get my liner like hers :)

shes recently produced a blog with tutorials the beauty department with videos and step by steps, to create my faviourite beauts looks :)

Heres one of her tutorials on old Hollywood glam

she also has released a book called style (which i blogged about yesterday), shes a definite beauty guru!!

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 17 & Birthday Weekend/ Haul

Hello lovelies,
Sorry for the absence for the past few days, im sadly home from a very relaxing few days in Center Parcs with the Boyfriend, ive decided to incorporate today's challenge question with my Birthday, my question for today is fashion pieces on my to buy list, now there are many many things i could list that i really want but ive decided to show you guys some of the lovely fashion pieces i have bought/ received as birthday presents. Now i know that many of you dont like these type of posts but by all means im definately not bragging :)

So i wouldn't call these items fashion pieces but more the accessories ive wanted for ages, so when i was in Center Parcs i got slightly excited when i saw a whole section in one of the shops dedicated to Cath Kidston, so i picked up not one but four items, which were a little over the shoulder bag (definite necessity with all the cycling in Longleat haha) a blackberry cover for my poor battered phone, a little case im planning to put my makeup in whilst on the go and because it smelt so yummy a lip balm

Although im loving these purchases, i was slightly gutted when i woke up this morning to receive a mini catalogue from Cath Kidston which included all the sale items including all my buys :( haha

And heres my Birthday goodies, now i know its a book but i think Lauren Conrad deserves a place in this post, this book is just brill, it has step by step guides to the perfect accessories, the perfect jeans shoes, makeup you name it she has advice, this beauty was from the boyfriend along with the Paul's Boutique handbag i have already mentioned :), i also got these little plastic rings for a pound each whilst away i just couldnt resist :)

Heres some pictures of me, the boyfriend and my family on my Birthday :) 

Any fashion Pieces on your wishlist??

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x 

Sleek Monaco Palette

Hello Lovelies hope your all having a lovely day. Now i know im not the first (and shall no doubt be the last) person to talk about the Sleek Monaco Palette, but i just cant get enough of it.

Sleek is something that until i started blogging would have walked straight past in Superdrug, however after all the rave reviews i decided to give this Palette a go. For roughly £6 you cant really go wrong the pigmentation is so lovely and i have literally used it every day since ive bought it..okay so some of the colours are slightly in your face but the majority of the colours are a definite hit with me

Altogether i absolutely love the palette and the colours are really lovely, however some of the lighter colours such as Bamboo just dont show up on my skin tone :( , also some of them dont last that long, but altogether there a definite hit!!

Top Row, from L-R: Bamboo, aquamarine, midnight garden, sunset, washed ashore, magenta madness
Bottom Row, from L-R: summer breeze, sand walker, kiwi zest, lotus flower, hummingbird, moore treasure

Swatches: apart from the darker colours the others were slightly to light to swatch

And here i am wearing Hummingbird and summer breeze (ignore the awful grin haha)

Thanks for Reading my Rambles

Soph x

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