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Monday, 27 June 2011

So i went into boots :S....and a NOTD

Hello lovelies, apologies for the second post in one day, ive been meaning to do this post and only now have found the time :) as the post title may suggest i went into boots for one thing and came out with well alot :S, bare in mind two of the items aren't actually from boots but ive decided to include them in my wee haul (I really should be banned from 'strolling' into boots). 
Picture Heavy 

So i took full advantage of all the offers in Boots, firstly i picked up the Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, ive been thinking about having a go at nail art so its the perfect opportunity to try out something different, as this was 2 for £8 i also picked up Models Own golden Peach which is a definate summery hit with me.
I really needed an even tone concealer as my cheeks are looking really rosey and patchy lately, so i picked up the number 17 even tone concealer stick (any other alternatives you guys can suggest would be really grateful), i also picked up a number 17 every day lipstick in Belle 

Because i bought to number 17 items i received a free Nail Bar in a bag. The set includes two polishes in knockout red and pink grapefruit, it also included a nail art stickers and a file.

And finally i bought two dove deodorants which led to a free Nails inc polish in Copacabana...Nails Inc seem to be everywhere as late as part of freebie sets!!

 So my NOTD is Nails Inc's Copacabana as a base coat with  the Models Own Golden Peach as a top coat. usually Models Own Polishes, personally for me are always quite thick and one coat usually does the trick, however Golden Peach is very light and i feel it needs something underneath just to make it that bit darker. 

So these next and final two items are unsurprisingly not from Boots, but from the basis of online shopping :S
So first up is Illamasqua, its the liquid metal in enrapture, this little item was reduced from £20 to £12 along with a further 10% discount meaning it was only around £9.

 I must be honest im slightly disappointed with this item. Although it is a really lovely copper/golden colour and really pigmented and smells yummy, i just felt that for the price it is very very small (i would never pay full price for it), and it doesn't seem to last very long at all on my eyes, its also better as a base, than used on its own!!

I also purchased Mac's saint germain, i was browsing through Macs website as you do an shockingly came across this. I absolutely love it, its such a vibrant pink and so summery, although the colour will definately take some getting used to 

Swatches of Saint Germain and enrapture!!

And breathe haha, so if you've managed to get through this slightly long post, i thought i'd leave you all with this lovely picture from


Thanks for reading my Rambles 

Soph x

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  1. You bought some gorgeous stuff.:) I particluarly love the M.A.C lipstick and the goodies u got in Boots:)


  2. thanks lovely :), can never go wrong with mac xx

  3. loving your blog :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part-

  4. love those nails! you bought some wonderful stuff ;)
    make sure that you enter my giveaway ;)

  5. So sparkly and pretty love love love it!!