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Thursday, 23 June 2011

the only way is hair extensions..or not??

hello lovelies,

hope your all enjoying your Thursday!! im having a bit of an eventful day, went for a walk with my mum and ended up gaining a friend (a dog in the name of bell) haha and have spent the whole afternoon trying to get her to go home (which shes finally done).
So Lauren Goodger has released a tanning range which was a definite hit with me and many others, however this is just not enough for the towie star as shes now released a range of hair extensions. Now im not one for extensions, the idea of trying to find some that match your hair and the application just seems to much of a fuss, however these clip in beauties look kind of appealing.

Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour:1)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 1B)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 2)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 4)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 5)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 37)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 22)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 613/27)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 613)Lauren's Way Clip In Hair Extensions (Colour: 3/18)

Im absolutely loving the names of these extensions aswell, especially legally blonde haha, however these extensions come at a hefty price of £120 but for a limited time there £60
if any of you are interested you you can buy the extensions from here
So what do you guys think?? i wonder what she will release next, Theres meant to be talks of her releasing her own makeup range but only time shall tell.
Lauren Goodger wants to launch her own make-up range

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. I really want to try hair extensions but if im going to pay that much id rather go to Hairspray and have a professional pick them out for me than buy them online.

  2. adoreabubbles- i know exactly what you mean when i looked i wasnt expecting them that price, knowing my luck id buy some and they wouldnt match my hair haha xx
    S. - they are arent they xx