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Saturday, 11 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 12, and yes yet another benefit freebie review

hello lovelies
So unsurprisingly like many many other bloggers i opted to go out and by Glamour magazine this month. I do religiously buy it every month and its an absolute blessing on long train journeys, however i couldn't resist the benefit freebie and opted for two copies not one (so tempted to get another, bad Sophie)

I did panic and didn't think i would get any but i got high beam and benetint the bottles were a lot smaller than i expected only being 4ml but being benefit they seem to last forever 

 These are the swatches blended in, benetint  was alot lighter than i expected it to be as it looks very dark in the bottle, i think it will be a really nice on the cheeks, although i don't think i would put it on my lips for one reason, i just don't like the smell, im not really a fan of rosey scents
High beam is something that i have wanted for a very long time but haven't wanted to get it because of the price so this is a perfect opportunity to test it out, i think it will be really nice on the cheeks to give a more finished look. I also absolutely love the smell it reminds me of the that gal primer :)

now my question for today is slightly boring, Its meant to be my favourite colour, so i had different ideas of what i could do but i thought in the end i would incorporate it with something else, so my favourite colour as you can no doubt guess by my blog is blue haha, although this does vary with pink. 

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. I also got this too I couldn't find posie tint but I think this magazine runs for a month so I still may be able to get it:)

  2. i found it earlier luckily :) there semms to be alot more put out on shelves so you might be lucky :)..thanks for your comment lovely xx

  3. I got highbeam and tried it for the first time aswell, I LOVE IT. Im so going to buy a full sized bottle in duty free : )


  4. its awesome isint it, out of the three this is probably the definate one i would pay full price for :)xx

  5. I am so jealous, we don't get that sort of stuff here in Australia well not that I've seen. I've wanted to try both of these products for ages now I might just have to.

    Great blog, I'm going to follow xo

  6. Ooh...I love High Beam! What a great freebie! Crosswire Dreamers is right....the mag freebies in Australia are lousy!!

  7. ah girlies that sucks, glamour do it every year with a benefit freebie!!..its so so worth getting though i think xx

  8. Absolutely worth buying!

    We can buy UK Glamour out here but it doesn't have the freebies. Same with UK Elle....I've been buying it for 10 years and they have never ever once included the freebies here in Australia! x

  9. ahh that really does suck, sometimes the mags are worth buying just for the freebies ;) haha xx

  10. No mag freebies in the USA. BTW I love Adele on the cover of anything!!