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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

lusting after Chanel

Hello lovelies i hope you've had a good tuesday, i have had a bit of a lazy day which spells trouble as i have been   sat browsing the internet and looking at blogs of all things makeup :)
I have a ever growing list of things that i love and want haha (doesn't everyone?) 

Anyway I have been searching all things Chanel recently, two years ago i purchased Chanel les 4 ombres in mystic eyes in duty free whilst on holiday, being my first and only Chanel item i was very excited and have continuously worn it however, after being my trusty companion and my go to shadow sadly i have hit the pan on three out of the four shadows :( ..therefore I want to replace it with another, only problem is it being so darn expensive.

Here they are, it doesn't look it but i only have the top left shadow left :(

 I desperately want the Urban Decay naked Palette as i am shockingly one of the few who does not own one :O and i have heard so much good things about it, therefore I have been distracted by the  Chanel summer collection and after much raving by other colours about the nail polish and bronzing powder im slightly spoilt for choice.

What do you guys think should i get the Naked Palette or get another Chanel quad??
Any suggestions of what to get from the collection??

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x 

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  1. i also don't have a urban decay naked palette lol and i really want it, i also have never tried anything Chanel (T.T) ( well except for the perfume i had a little sample of it but its gone now) if i would get either i would rather get the naked palette because I've wanted it for a very very, but i also want chanel makeup but i would rather first buy the naked palette :),, if you buy either will you do a swatch and a review ?

  2. yeah i think your right :) its something i just keep looking at and the price of all those shadows in the naked palette you get four teeny ones so the naked palette is looking promising haha, yeah course i will :) i shall let you know what i decide to get :D xx

  3. oops i re read my comment and i accidentally deleted a part of it, it was supposed to be i would rather get the naked palette because I've wanted it for a very very long time lol

  4. I've just got naked palette, my mums found one today in leeds in debenhams. I'm at uni at the mo but home tmorrow so soon as I have it it's gonna be tested! Probs do a little review on my blog but everyones seen it so many times I'll try and keep it short but informative for you so maybe you can decide! But I'd deffo go for naked!!xxx

  5. oo il be sure to look out for it :),i think its the right choice tbh :) its one of those things i keep on looking at all the time :) thanks lovely xx