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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 18

hello lovelies so my question for today and tomorrow are based on my faviourite beauty gurus, today im going to pick a celebrity who has recently created a beauty blog and tomorrow i will look at my faviourite beauty lovelies from the blogger/ you tube world

18.your faviourite beauty guru
My faviourite beauty guru is definately Lauren Conrad, apart from her amazing sense of fashion, her hair and makeup always looks flawless, there are countless amounts of times where i have watched her on the hills and wished i could get my liner like hers :)

shes recently produced a blog with tutorials the beauty department with videos and step by steps, to create my faviourite beauts looks :)

Heres one of her tutorials on old Hollywood glam

she also has released a book called style (which i blogged about yesterday), shes a definite beauty guru!!

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. I'm going to watch all her videos thanks for this!

  2. Aw in love with her blog already! thankyouuu! xx

  3. no problem girlies :) i fell in love when i first saw it :) xx

  4. Hello lovely - I just popped over to your blog to thank you for your nice comments on my giveaway post. I never expected anyone to tell me I inspired them to start a blog, so you can't imagine how happy I am to hear that!

    I already follow your lovely blog and I must say (no negativity meant here whatsoever) that I did notice a little bit of a similarity to mine - I think it must be in the name "sparkle" and that we both like similar blingy things! I love your cute bunny cupcake picture and I may have borrowed it for when I next rotate my sidebar pics!

    PS I love Lauren Conrad too - were we separated at birth? xx

  5. haha i think we might have been :),i think the similarity might be the love of all things girly and a name with sparkle in it goes without saying ;)....yeah i randomly found your blog one day and just read all the lovely posts (im not a stalker dont worry) haha and just decided to do my own :)...the bunny cup cake is a must :)

    thanks for your comment youve made me smile :) xxx

  6. oh wow thanks for this i didn't know that lauren had a channel or a blog! this is awesome i love her <3

  7. Hi Sophie, I recently did an interview with Lauren Conrad for my Blog, check it out :)

    Dawn x