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Thursday, 16 June 2011

I think il try defying gravity...30 Day Challenge, Day 16

so my question today is music i like, now i could just list out a load of band and singers but im going to write a post on something that i love so so so much. Its safe to say im a fan of musicals but my faviourite by far has to be wicked!! (something slightly different to my usual posts).
I first listened to wicked when i was sat in my friends flat one night and just fell in love, ever since then (about 3 years ago) i was dying to see it, so for my birthday last year i was majorly excited when my birthday present was a trip to London to see my fave musical, which at the time starred Rachel Tucker, Lee Meade and Lewis Bradley.

photo we took outside Victoria Appolo
Theres something really magical about it and all the songs hold really lovely meanings, for those who are not aware of Wicked it is set before the Wizard of Oz and is about the unlikely story of two friends Elphaba (the wicked witch) and Glinda (the good fairy in Oz). 

All the costumes are just amazing, some slightly gaga ish, anyone who loves fairytales, lovely outfits (which may be most of you) and great music will love wicked, i could go on and on and on about it but i wont haha

Wicked is a twist on events before The Wizard of Oz and throughout the musical you begin to believe everything going on and it made me think very differently about all the characters in Oz. I wont spoil it but it also explains how scarecrow, tinman and the Lion became how they are!!

Anyone who loves books gregory Maguire's version of Wicked is really good, although slighty dark,he also writes some other warped but hilarious fairytales including confessions of an Ugly Stepsister 

Anyone else share my absolute love for Wicked??
Whats your faviourite feel good song or Musical??

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x

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  1. This is something I would love to go too! I say the set is spectacular!

  2. it was seriously breath taking the set was as good as the musical haha, i think it helps make it, so worth going to see!! xx

  3. i've always wanted to see fairy tales on stage!! they look amazing! great blog!! im your new follower do check out my blog :) i hope you'll follow back

  4. My favourite musical of all time! I'm singing the songs for my musical theatre assesment! Its making me want to go see it again <3

  5. I've never seen a musical, i REALLY REALLY want to! but i wouldn't know which musicals are really good and which aren't , plus i don't think they have musicals here where i live lol

  6. I absolutely want to see this!!! I've been trying to go forever!!! Lucky, you are ;)

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  7. That's really awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us :) Wicked came to our town a short while ago, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to go even though I wanted to, and I really regret it now! :(

  8. lovely blog hun :) xx

  9. I love your blog!!!! Please check out mine the link is . Please check it out and FOLLOW ME if you want! :)

  10. Peach crush- it really is just so magical, thanks for the comment :) xx

    Amy- ooo awesome, tell me about it, i was singing it in the car the other day and just wanted to go!! good taste ;) xx

    Nena- oh you would love them!! theres so many that are just so good :)id definately recommend wicked :), my first one was beauty and the beast :) xx

    Collegecurl13- thanks for the comment lovely :) il go check it out xx

    Huda Kaake- oh thats a proper shame, so worth it if you ever get the chance to see it again :) xx

    Bethany- thaaaaank yooou lovely xx

    Cami- aww thanks xx