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Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 22

Hello lovelies,
I hope your all well, i cant believe yet another week is nearly over already :O 
So my question for today is , what makes me happy, so here goes!!!

My Boyfriend
Me and Tim have been together two awesome years, he's not just my boyfriend but he's also my best friend, life wouldn't be right without him, and spending time with him definately makes me im in uni half of the time, being in a long distance relationship makes us appreciate the time we have together!!

My Family
I have a crazy, big ass family, and i love each one of them to shreds, iv'e sadly lost my great gran recently, and both my grandparents have been quite ill and it makes you realise to appreciate every moment with them, most girls will say they are a daddy's girl which to an extent i am ;) but i am definately a nana's girl :) 

me, mum, dad and my brother

 My Friends
I love each and everyone of my friends, whether its the friends i seldom see at home, school friends or my uni friends i just couldnt be without them!!
My crazy housemates and below, a random night out with the uni lot ;)

There are many other things i could list that make me happy, but these three things are always at the basis of my happiness :)

So there you go a very soppy post from me ;)
So what makes you Happy??

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  1. Beautiful pictures darling. You are so adorable! I have awarded you:

    - marisa <3