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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

30 Day Challenge..Day 17 & Birthday Weekend/ Haul

Hello lovelies,
Sorry for the absence for the past few days, im sadly home from a very relaxing few days in Center Parcs with the Boyfriend, ive decided to incorporate today's challenge question with my Birthday, my question for today is fashion pieces on my to buy list, now there are many many things i could list that i really want but ive decided to show you guys some of the lovely fashion pieces i have bought/ received as birthday presents. Now i know that many of you dont like these type of posts but by all means im definately not bragging :)

So i wouldn't call these items fashion pieces but more the accessories ive wanted for ages, so when i was in Center Parcs i got slightly excited when i saw a whole section in one of the shops dedicated to Cath Kidston, so i picked up not one but four items, which were a little over the shoulder bag (definite necessity with all the cycling in Longleat haha) a blackberry cover for my poor battered phone, a little case im planning to put my makeup in whilst on the go and because it smelt so yummy a lip balm

Although im loving these purchases, i was slightly gutted when i woke up this morning to receive a mini catalogue from Cath Kidston which included all the sale items including all my buys :( haha

And heres my Birthday goodies, now i know its a book but i think Lauren Conrad deserves a place in this post, this book is just brill, it has step by step guides to the perfect accessories, the perfect jeans shoes, makeup you name it she has advice, this beauty was from the boyfriend along with the Paul's Boutique handbag i have already mentioned :), i also got these little plastic rings for a pound each whilst away i just couldnt resist :)

Heres some pictures of me, the boyfriend and my family on my Birthday :) 

Any fashion Pieces on your wishlist??

Thanks for reading my Rambles

Soph x 

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  1. Great buys and I love Lauren Conrad!!

    Nice blog by the way!!! Visit me and if you like maybe we can follow each other.

    <3 Marina

  2. Wow, I LOVE Cath Kidston!
    Is the Lauren Conrad book any good?

    Your layout is really cute.
    I'm a new follower & love your blog!
    Jade By The Sea

  3. I have the lauren conrad book!! it's amazing and i always go there if i'm abit unsure of what to wear :) i love your blog btw! please follow me back at

  4. Marina- thanks for the comment lovely :) im loving your blog!! xx

    Jade- yeah i really like it, Laurens always a hit with me but its just full of really simple ideas that seem to work well, aww thankyou :) xx

    Caitlin- its brill isint it?? thanks for the comment lovely xx

  5. Happy Belated Birthday :D great blog post x

  6. Cute pics doll! Glad you had a great b-day. <3

  7. oh my! I love the floral bag! totally matches my floral nail art design. haha :)) BTW, nice blog. Keep it up!
    Definitely going to follow you :)

    MissKatV ✿

  8. aww thankyou girlies :) and misskatv you can never go wrong with floral :) xxx