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Monday, 26 September 2011

Halloween Tag

Hello lovelies so the gorgeous nena tagged me to do this, seeing as though its a bit different i thought i'd give it a go :)
1. Faviourite Halloween Movie?
apart from horrors (cause yes i do totally love my horrors haha) my faviourite Halloween film would have to be a nightmare before Christmas

2. what age did you stop trick-or-treating??
to be honest i never really did it, me and my friends used to have sleepovers at each others houses and play bobbing apples etc, i think i stopped doing that when i was 10 haha

3. Faviourite Halloween Costume you have worn??
my faviourite costume i have worn was probably when i went as a scary fairy, but my faviourite costume would probably be my handy work two Halloweens ago when i transformed my boyfriend into the joker with the use of lippie, face paint and eye shadow :)
me and the boyfriend as the joker <3
my friend bubbles and i as scary fairies

4. what are you going to be this year??
sadly i have had to have a brace again recently so im thinking maybe Katy perry's look from the last friday night video, my second choice is cruella de vill, oo choices ;)

5.Do you like going to haunted attractions??
when i went to madam tussauds with my boyfriend i refused to go in the bit where people jump out at you and instead chose to leave through the lovely childrens doors painted with lovely balloons,  i think this answers the question ;) 
6. Vampires or Werewolves??
ah totally vampires, secret twilight fan haha

7. Faviourite Halloween candy??
its not really anything halloweeny, but definitely strawberry laces

8. Do you decorate your house??
cutting a pumpkin is as far as i go decorating my house
9.Least faviourite Costume??
probably a spider haha

10. have you ever repeated a costume and what was it??
probably a witch when i was little, it was kind of the norm really 

11. Do you believe in ghosts??
some things i see on tv make me go woah and believe in things but who knows 

12. Scariest Halloween??
about three Halloweens ago me and my friends thought it would be a good idea to go camping in the woods on halloween, how stupid were we, apart from my best friend scaring me all night it was pretty fun haha

the boyf and our pumpkin timmy 
me and the girls last halloween

Feel free everyone to do this tag

So what do you think of Halloween??

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lauren Conrad to release a Make Up line

Hello lovelies, for those of you wonderful people who read my posts will know that im an avid fan of all things Lauren Conrad, whether it be the hills, reading all her books or happily scrolling through her blog, i just cant get enough, if your anything like me then you will be excited to know that the lovely LC is set to release a beauty line alongside her blog the beauty department, im very excited to see what the gorgeous lady has in store for us :) 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Vivo for Tesco

Hello lovelies, now i know your probably thinking not another Vivo post, but i thought i would add my view on the new range exclusive for Tesco, most of you probably already know about this new range, but if you dont it is basically an affordable brand with prices ranging from £1 to £6, the products include, lipsticks, foundations, and little sets not often seen in supermarket brands...after browsing through different posts i decided to invest in the Ultimate Base Concealer Kit and the Baked Shimmer Palette (im thinking of going back for a lippie for £1.99 they smell yummy, seem quite pigmented and the swatches have lasted for ages on my hand)
I have been using the products the past two weeks so here's my thoughts

Ultimate Base Concealer Kit

i got slightly excited when i spotted this, my go to concealers usually consist of my Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit, however im rapidly running out and hitting pan on most of the items in the set and their slightly to expensive to repurchase atm so i thought this would be a good alternative.

this set includes to shades of concealer, a translucent powder and an faviourite bit about this, definitely has to be the illuminater, infact iv'e been using this instead of my HighBeam!!
it has a really nice colour and shine to it, and tbh it seems worth more than £6..i like the concealers and they give reasonable coverage, however they seem to dry my skin quite a bit :(, iv'e been using these more under my eyes than to cover blemishes, as for the translucent powder i haven't really used it , altogether for £6 i think you definitely get your moneys worth and a little more 

Baked Shimmer Palette
Chocolate Box
my eyes were immediately drawn to this i think it was down to the lovely colours, the set itself includes four baked eyeshadows and a Blush, the colours are a range of bronze and purples, for the price these seem to be reasonably pigmented and i love the shades, the blush is also lovely and pretty pigmented, although i think its slightly to dark for my skin (this might be cause im a bit heavy handed haha)

for £5 i really like this set, and i would definitely think about investing in another shade!!

Altogether i really like what i have seen from the Vivo range, although its yet another excuse to spend even more money whilst browsing through Tesco haha, i think the only fault with this brand is that the packaging is slightly dated, they seem to have stayed safe with the design, however as my mother always says you cant judge a book by its cover ;) haha 

So what do you guys think of Vivo?? do you think its good value for money??

St Moriz Mousse

Hello lovelies, so its the end of our so called summer and i sadly have no tan to show for the small amount of hot weather we have had ;), so i thought a bit of self tan would brighten up my rather white looking skin (boohoo haha) i seriously think i am the only person who cannot tan whether it be sitting in the garden, sunning myself on the beach or even just using a gradual or instant self tan, yes that's right i cannot even get self tan right :S...most of the summer i have been using Lauren Goodger's, Lauren's Way tanning lotion and although the massive hype around it, i just cant seem to get along with it, yeah okay i have a lovely tan when applied but after showering 6 or 7 hours after it has developed (or in the morning) im left with, well no tan at all, not the golden tan everyone seems to talk about (please anyone who may know where im going wrong advice would be wonderful haha), tbh it would be my go to going out tan but not for every day use!!

Anyway i decided to go for something else, from reading the hype about St Moriz i decided to take a trip down to savers to pick up the £3 bottle (hell if it doesn't work its not the end of the world right??)..i applied St Moriz last night, and well i absolutely loved it, the mousse was so easy to apply, infact its practically foolproof (no doubt why it worked for me haha), and i was left with an instantly lovely tan, as it began to develop it produced a lovely natural golden colour, and after a shower i still have a lovely golden glow!!

hallelujah i finally think i have found my HG tanner, after many many different bottles, brands, and price ranges haha

Pros- the smell isint that off putting like many, i much prefer the mild biscuity smell of this, to the quite strong smell of many others
its practically fool proof (believe me this sentence is coming from an idiot when it comes to tanning)
its about £3 a bottle, so if it doesn't work its not the end of the world, also for such a small price its such high quality 

Cons- i haven't really had this on long enough to judge, but i know my friends who wear it religiously have complained about it scaling after about three days (not really a look you want)
i decided to buy the normal one to be on the safe side, however to have that stronger colour i think i would purchase the darker one next time :)

So what do you guys think of St Moriz??
Whats your faviourite self tanner??, and are there anymore foolproof products out their ;)??

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tell me About yourself..Award

Hello lovelies, i hope you've all had an awesome yesterday the gorgeous Shopping Bag full of dreams gave me this lovely Award, seriously guys check her blog out shes a proper sweetie :) 

So the rules are to link back to the larvely person who awarded you
write 7 random things about yourself
and pass it on to 20 other bloggers

1. i have a massive obsession for all things Disney

2. My favourite Disney character has to be thumper, which no doubt explains my desire to own my very own fluffy wabbit ;)

3. My dream one day is to have a massive walk in wardrobe full of shoes, dresses and all things that sparkle

4. im quickly approaching my final year in uni (in two weeks infact :S)..and i still dont really know what i want to do, at the moment im thinking either teaching or journalism, hmmm

5. im currently planning a trip to the big apple with the bf for my 21st

6. MY TWIN ;) i think me and my best friend Abby were meant to find each other, its stupid how similar we are aswell as how similar our family and pasts are, and apart from my boyfriend has the most amazing ability to cheer me up :)

7. my family and my boyfriend (along with the besties) are without a doubt the most important things in my life

Although the rule is to pass the love on to 20 lovely blogs, i just cant decide and everyone deserves an award cause your all so lovely, so i pass this on to all of you :)

So come on tell me about yourself ;) 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

sparkly lusts

sparkly lusts

Hello lovelies, now i don't know about any of you guys but i am a total sucker for anything that glistens, needless to say i am a total sucker for all jewellery that sparkles, or contains something cute ;)..recently i have been loving anything Disney or sparkly related, think butler and Wilson and Disney couture ;) here's what i have been lusting after lately, what do you guys think??

am i the only one whos a sucker for anything sparkly or cute??

Monday, 12 September 2011

There's something about Soap and Glory

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great start to the week, now i know it wont come as a shock to many of you but i am an avid Soap and Glory fan, ever since the day my friend produced the plumping lip gloss out of her handbag, i have been hooked on the quality of these lovely products aswell as the packaging.

I have gone through countless amounts of handfood, and my mother does not help as she is also an avid fan..recently my skin has been feeling sorry for itself, and soap and glory over any other skincare products does the job brilliantly, each face product i have used has left my skin feeling soft and clear as well as smelling lovely and being hassle free!! newest addictions are the face soap clarity and the fab pore facial peel, between me and my mum we have gone through two tubs of this is a matter of a month :S

So what do you guys think of Soap and Glory??
to all those that haven't tried it GO AND DO IT haha

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Disney Couture Mawi Collection

Hello lovelies, i hope your having a great weekend, now there are two things that i absolutely love, the first being Disney and the second being Jewellery, so the fact that im an avid Disney Couture fan is basically stating the obvious.. now i dont know about you guys but im so excited about the new collaboration with Mawi, to deliver a collection dedicated to the great Minnie Mouse herself ;) and it is safe to say that i am absolutely loving this MINNIE MAWI collection :)..the pieces are quite elegant with that touch of Disney Couture charm..although these little beauties will set you back a bit ranging from £34 to £130, but each are gold plated with either fauz pearls or swarvoski crystals.
Personally im loving the Pearl necklace, a long while ago i had a similar necklace i wore without fail, which sadly fell off my neck on a night out and ended up under a car (i sadly picked up all the beads haha)..i have been looking for a replacement ever since and i think this may be it :)
What do you think of this new collection??

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Big Brother, fashion Spotting

Hello lovelies, its safe to say that a summer without big brother just isn't right, not only is it great trash TV but i also loving oohing and ahhing at all of the arrays of fashion that the female housemates tuning in to see what they were all wearing tonight was a must ;)
Maisy James
i think she totally pulled off the leather look, the dress is rather flattering although im not to sure on the shoes??

Heaven Africa
Seriously all i thought when i saw this dress was, wow its back to front, am i the only one who thinks it looks like the back of a lovely lipsy dress?? haha

Alex Rose Lee
this is a lovely dress but nothing special, however im loving the sparkly shoes

Faye Palmer
im loving the dress on her, for what seems like a tomboy this is quite feminine, i love the clash of colours aswell

Tashie Jackson
all i have to say is wow what a figure and what a gorgeous dress, this figure hugging number is for the shoes i need them in my life ;)

Louise Cliffe
im really loving this edgy look

Rebeckah Vaughan
ah i love this dress its just totally girly and looks very much like a forever unique number :) the shoes she was sporting were also gorgeous

So what do you guys think of big brother?? what do you think of the outfits??

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Burberry gotta love a freebie

Hello lovelies,
So about a week or so ago, the brill Fleur from Fleur De Force mentioned that Burberry were giving away a 4.5ml, yep 4.5ml's tester of their new fragrance Body on their Facebook page..being a fan of all things scented i happily visited their Facebook page and requested my free sample which arrived today!!

As you can see its a pretty big bottle for a tester, usually its only a little swipe from a teenzy bottle..the packaging is lovely and clean (basically a mini of the full size bottle) also perfect to put in my for the scent its such a lovely fruity and sweet scent..this lovely scent is a mix of rose, freesia, peach and iris with green absinthe, cashmerean musk and vanilla..i definitely would consider buying a full size bottle of this

here's a picture of the full size bottle courtesy of temptalia

if you fancy requesting a sample of this fresh scent you can do so by visiting their Facebook page here, all you have to do is fill in your address, simples :)

has anyone else tried this scent?? what do you think of it??

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