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Monday, 12 September 2011

There's something about Soap and Glory

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great start to the week, now i know it wont come as a shock to many of you but i am an avid Soap and Glory fan, ever since the day my friend produced the plumping lip gloss out of her handbag, i have been hooked on the quality of these lovely products aswell as the packaging.

I have gone through countless amounts of handfood, and my mother does not help as she is also an avid fan..recently my skin has been feeling sorry for itself, and soap and glory over any other skincare products does the job brilliantly, each face product i have used has left my skin feeling soft and clear as well as smelling lovely and being hassle free!! newest addictions are the face soap clarity and the fab pore facial peel, between me and my mum we have gone through two tubs of this is a matter of a month :S

So what do you guys think of Soap and Glory??
to all those that haven't tried it GO AND DO IT haha

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  1. i REALLY want to try these products!, but they don't sell them here where i live, i will maybe buy it if i find a site that sells it internationally or just wait until i go to england <3

  2. I've heard so many good things about these products. I really want to try them but they don't sell them in my country. :(

  3. Hi Girl I've awarded your Blog!
    Check out the rules on my Blog..
    Love Sofie

  4. Nena & sandra, thats such a shame girlies :( if you ever get the chance to try them do it :), hope you get to come to britain sometime soon nena :) xx

    sofiewyers- aww thanks lovely i appreciate it xx

  5. I never realized that Soap and Glory had so many products! This is a brand that I'm definitely going to have to check out! Thanks for the post!
    Great blog..Follow back!? ;)

  6. Just started following your blog and loving it !!
    You have so many Soap & Glory products, but I also love the products :) I live in Canada so we only recently started selling them but we don`t have as much as you do ! Jealous!

    - Sydney xo

  7. Brittany- its crazy isn't it?? every time i pop into boots there's something new haha..aww thanks lovely, and i have done so im loving your blog :) xx

    Sydney- aww thankyou so much, aww hopefully you'll begin to get more products over there :) xx

  8. theres a little blog award for u over on my page if your interested :) xx

  9. I love soap and glory Target use to carry them. Sephora just started carrying them and I need some hand food ASAP!!

  10. shopping bad full of dreams- thaaanks lovely i left you a comment :)xx

    girlieandglamorous- ahh handfood is definitely the best :) xx