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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tell me About yourself..Award

Hello lovelies, i hope you've all had an awesome yesterday the gorgeous Shopping Bag full of dreams gave me this lovely Award, seriously guys check her blog out shes a proper sweetie :) 

So the rules are to link back to the larvely person who awarded you
write 7 random things about yourself
and pass it on to 20 other bloggers

1. i have a massive obsession for all things Disney

2. My favourite Disney character has to be thumper, which no doubt explains my desire to own my very own fluffy wabbit ;)

3. My dream one day is to have a massive walk in wardrobe full of shoes, dresses and all things that sparkle

4. im quickly approaching my final year in uni (in two weeks infact :S)..and i still dont really know what i want to do, at the moment im thinking either teaching or journalism, hmmm

5. im currently planning a trip to the big apple with the bf for my 21st

6. MY TWIN ;) i think me and my best friend Abby were meant to find each other, its stupid how similar we are aswell as how similar our family and pasts are, and apart from my boyfriend has the most amazing ability to cheer me up :)

7. my family and my boyfriend (along with the besties) are without a doubt the most important things in my life

Although the rule is to pass the love on to 20 lovely blogs, i just cant decide and everyone deserves an award cause your all so lovely, so i pass this on to all of you :)

So come on tell me about yourself ;) 

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  1. wouldnt it be amazing to have a walk in wardrobe x

  2. i would literally be in heaven ;) haha xx