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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Burberry gotta love a freebie

Hello lovelies,
So about a week or so ago, the brill Fleur from Fleur De Force mentioned that Burberry were giving away a 4.5ml, yep 4.5ml's tester of their new fragrance Body on their Facebook page..being a fan of all things scented i happily visited their Facebook page and requested my free sample which arrived today!!

As you can see its a pretty big bottle for a tester, usually its only a little swipe from a teenzy bottle..the packaging is lovely and clean (basically a mini of the full size bottle) also perfect to put in my for the scent its such a lovely fruity and sweet scent..this lovely scent is a mix of rose, freesia, peach and iris with green absinthe, cashmerean musk and vanilla..i definitely would consider buying a full size bottle of this

here's a picture of the full size bottle courtesy of temptalia

if you fancy requesting a sample of this fresh scent you can do so by visiting their Facebook page here, all you have to do is fill in your address, simples :)

has anyone else tried this scent?? what do you think of it??

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