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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Disney Couture Mawi Collection

Hello lovelies, i hope your having a great weekend, now there are two things that i absolutely love, the first being Disney and the second being Jewellery, so the fact that im an avid Disney Couture fan is basically stating the obvious.. now i dont know about you guys but im so excited about the new collaboration with Mawi, to deliver a collection dedicated to the great Minnie Mouse herself ;) and it is safe to say that i am absolutely loving this MINNIE MAWI collection :)..the pieces are quite elegant with that touch of Disney Couture charm..although these little beauties will set you back a bit ranging from £34 to £130, but each are gold plated with either fauz pearls or swarvoski crystals.
Personally im loving the Pearl necklace, a long while ago i had a similar necklace i wore without fail, which sadly fell off my neck on a night out and ended up under a car (i sadly picked up all the beads haha)..i have been looking for a replacement ever since and i think this may be it :)
What do you think of this new collection??

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  1. Wow you're a girl after my own heart. I am the biggest Disney fan and I love the Disney Couture range. This range looks amazing! Think I will be buying some bits and pieces! Thanks for sharing, great post xxx

  2. :)thaaankyou!! i swear its the best combination in the world :), no problem lovely, its a shame i cant afford everything ;) haha xxx