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Monday, 26 September 2011

Halloween Tag

Hello lovelies so the gorgeous nena tagged me to do this, seeing as though its a bit different i thought i'd give it a go :)

1. Faviourite Halloween Movie?
apart from horrors (cause yes i do totally love my horrors haha) my faviourite Halloween film would have to be a nightmare before Christmas

2. what age did you stop trick-or-treating??
to be honest i never really did it, me and my friends used to have sleepovers at each others houses and play bobbing apples etc, i think i stopped doing that when i was 10 haha

3. Faviourite Halloween Costume you have worn??
my faviourite costume i have worn was probably when i went as a scary fairy, but my faviourite costume would probably be my handy work two Halloweens ago when i transformed my boyfriend into the joker with the use of lippie, face paint and eye shadow :)
me and the boyfriend as the joker <3
my friend bubbles and i as scary fairies

4. what are you going to be this year??
sadly i have had to have a brace again recently so im thinking maybe Katy perry's look from the last friday night video, my second choice is cruella de vill, oo choices ;)

5.Do you like going to haunted attractions??
when i went to madam tussauds with my boyfriend i refused to go in the bit where people jump out at you and instead chose to leave through the lovely childrens doors painted with lovely balloons,  i think this answers the question ;) 
6. Vampires or Werewolves??
ah totally vampires, secret twilight fan haha

7. Faviourite Halloween candy??
its not really anything halloweeny, but definitely strawberry laces

8. Do you decorate your house??
cutting a pumpkin is as far as i go decorating my house
9.Least faviourite Costume??
probably a spider haha

10. have you ever repeated a costume and what was it??
probably a witch when i was little, it was kind of the norm really 

11. Do you believe in ghosts??
some things i see on tv make me go woah and believe in things but who knows 

12. Scariest Halloween??
about three Halloweens ago me and my friends thought it would be a good idea to go camping in the woods on halloween, how stupid were we, apart from my best friend scaring me all night it was pretty fun haha

the boyf and our pumpkin timmy 
me and the girls last halloween

Feel free everyone to do this tag

So what do you think of Halloween??

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  1. preciosa un buen de tiempo sin pasarme por aqui te mando un gran abrazo y te tengo en mis favoritos saludos guapa.