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Monday, 19 September 2011

Vivo for Tesco

Hello lovelies, now i know your probably thinking not another Vivo post, but i thought i would add my view on the new range exclusive for Tesco, most of you probably already know about this new range, but if you dont it is basically an affordable brand with prices ranging from £1 to £6, the products include, lipsticks, foundations, and little sets not often seen in supermarket brands...after browsing through different posts i decided to invest in the Ultimate Base Concealer Kit and the Baked Shimmer Palette (im thinking of going back for a lippie for £1.99 they smell yummy, seem quite pigmented and the swatches have lasted for ages on my hand)
I have been using the products the past two weeks so here's my thoughts

Ultimate Base Concealer Kit

i got slightly excited when i spotted this, my go to concealers usually consist of my Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit, however im rapidly running out and hitting pan on most of the items in the set and their slightly to expensive to repurchase atm so i thought this would be a good alternative.

this set includes to shades of concealer, a translucent powder and an faviourite bit about this, definitely has to be the illuminater, infact iv'e been using this instead of my HighBeam!!
it has a really nice colour and shine to it, and tbh it seems worth more than £6..i like the concealers and they give reasonable coverage, however they seem to dry my skin quite a bit :(, iv'e been using these more under my eyes than to cover blemishes, as for the translucent powder i haven't really used it , altogether for £6 i think you definitely get your moneys worth and a little more 

Baked Shimmer Palette
Chocolate Box
my eyes were immediately drawn to this i think it was down to the lovely colours, the set itself includes four baked eyeshadows and a Blush, the colours are a range of bronze and purples, for the price these seem to be reasonably pigmented and i love the shades, the blush is also lovely and pretty pigmented, although i think its slightly to dark for my skin (this might be cause im a bit heavy handed haha)

for £5 i really like this set, and i would definitely think about investing in another shade!!

Altogether i really like what i have seen from the Vivo range, although its yet another excuse to spend even more money whilst browsing through Tesco haha, i think the only fault with this brand is that the packaging is slightly dated, they seem to have stayed safe with the design, however as my mother always says you cant judge a book by its cover ;) haha 

So what do you guys think of Vivo?? do you think its good value for money??

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  1. I am loving the baked eyeshadows! They don't look like lowend supermarket shadows at all. Im definately going to be keeping my eyes peeled for these in Tescos! xx

  2. hannah- theres really good value for money :) apparently they've been referred to as the mac of supermarket brands, but i dont know if i would go that far haha xx

    joan- their lovely arent they :) xx