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Saturday, 3 September 2011

back to uni lusts

Hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great weekend, so its nearly that time again when i go back to uni, this time being for the final time :O scary stuff..i usually see this time as the perfect excuse to buy a few items that i know i will wear constantly throughout the autumn/winter, so heres what iv'e been lusting after
first up is the gorgeous body warmer from Hollisters, going to uni in bath i have realised how bloody cold it can get, and layers is definitely key, i think this will look lovely with anything and although it has a hefty price tag of £80 i think i will definitely get my wear out of it.
Along with this i have also been lusting after a pair of hollisters jeggings for ages, im fed up of buying pairs and pairs that don't last so these are definitely on the agenda
Now on to those gorgeous uggs from river island, last Christmas the boyfriend bought me a pair with a toggle on the side which i have worn to death, there so bloody comfy and go with everything, so for £30 these are a total purchase, the best thing i have also noticed with river island uggs is that the soles don't wear down like many others do
im also loving this top and accessories from miss Selfridge, i don't really think i need to say more about them ;)

So what key pieces are you lusting after??

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  1. I love body warmers but the girls who wear them at my uni are those irritating mini driving blond rich girls. And I would look like a nob.

    I go to uni in Aberdeen, lets not compete to see who is colder ;) haha.


  2. hahaha i know exactly where your coming from, but in my uni their usually wearing jack wills and superdry so im hoping i can get away with this cause its a bit different :P...haha i shall let you win hands down there :) haha xxx