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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dont make me blush

So when the lovely Charlotte took to twitter in search of guest bloggers I jumped at the chance. Sorting through my stash I came to the realisation that I have quite the obsession with those pretty pink powders also know as blusher. After much umming and ahhing over what to write about, I decided that it was only right to share my little collection with Charlottes lovely readers.
Ive mentioned a few of my must haves (a hard task for a blusher junkie like myself), including some cult favorites (Nars & Tarte to name but a few).

I would love it if you took the time to check out the post here!! ..and take a peek at Charlottes lovely blog while your there!!
 I would love to know what you think!
Are you a lover of Blushers?! 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Adios Google Reader, Hola Bloglovin'

So if you hadn't already guessed from all the panicky tweets and blog posts, the end is nigh for Google Reader which will be retiring on Monday, with fears of GFC (that widget to the right, with all your lovely faces) following foot. Personally I think googles latest spring clean is to make way for that wretched Google+ (apologies if you use and love it, its just not my cup of tea), and in the words of Regina George "Stop trying to make Google+ happen, its not going to happen"...

If you follow A Hint Of Sparkle via Google Reader (so much love for all that do) and like myself aren't a fan of Googles alternative, do not fret as Bloglovin' is here to save the day!!
Bloglovin' is a fab way of keeping up to date with your favorite blogs, all in one place (did I mention that its also super easy to use?!) 

It would mean the world if you gave my little blog a follow!
Alternatively you can Keep up to date with my rambles via Twitter & Instagram 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Breakfast at Laduree

With decadent decor, beautiful souvenirs (we're talking perfume bottles that deserve to be displayed on every girls dresser) and the most scrumptious macaroons (this is coming from a girl who's tried her fair share haha) its safe to say that a trip to Paris would not be complete without a spot of breakfast in Laduree. 
Situated in Champs Elysees, surrounded by the creme de la creme of the retail world (we're talking Louis Vuitton & Cartier) and just a mere hop, skip and a jump to the Arc De Triomphe. Its safe to say that Laduree resinates an air of grace, with its decadent entrance and breathtaking window displays.  

Greeted by a pleasant waitress (I felt like a little fish in a big ocean ha) we were asked whether we would like to sit in the elegant but busy restaurant (with all the big wigs) or the newly refurbished and peaceful bar. Obviously we opted for the latter. There was something truly enchanting about the bar room (I will let the photos do the talking) so much so that it felt like we had walked through the wardrobe into Narnia, or fallen down the giant rabbit hole into Wonderland. 

Unlike us Brits, the French are known for taking their time during meals, so it was nice to sit back, relax and take in our opulent surroundings. After devouring several Macaroons (come on it would have been rude not to) and savouring a pot of Vanilla Tea we made our way to the rather crowded shop. 

I couldn't resist purchasing one of the many key chains sitting pretty on the counter as a memento of our fabulous morning, in what can only be described as paradise (its like the tea partys I conjured up in my head as a little girl had come to life).  
Going to Paris soon? Then I would definitely recommend breakfast in Laduree!!
Are you a lover of Laduree?!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June Birchbox 2013

So its finally Summer (well as Summer like as it can be in the UK) which can only mean one thing, its time to showcase our latest dresses during picnics in the park, embrace our natural waves during lazy days on the beach, flaunt our newly done manicures/pedicures whilst enjoying barbecues with friends and for the festival goers amongst us its time to wap out the wellies for a muddy weekend camping. 

Whether your attending a festival or just making the most of the summer sun, this months Birchbox is sure to keep you prepared. In all honesty the beauty box novelty was wearing off a little but with the revamped packaging (so long pink, hello beautiful pastels) Birchbox have managed to regain my attention by shaking things up a little. Oh and did I mention that one of my Instagram pics managed to make it into the magazine?! (its safe to say I did a happy dance ha). 

Beauty Protector | Protect & Detangle 
What they say: Multi-purpose products are festival friendly and this sweet-smelling spray detangles, adds shine and protects from UVA rays and heat. 
My thoughts: The beauty protector sounds perfect for my knotty mane so I cant wait to give this a try.  Although ideal for the summer months with its UVA protectants, I personally would have included a dry shampoo (lets face it, its a festival must have). 

Color Club + Birchbox | Wanderlust Collection Nail Polish
What they say: Brighten up your festival style with these exclusive-to-Birchbox neon and pastel shades
My thoughts: In celebration of the revamped boxes, Birchbox have teamed up with Color-Club to bring us four exclusive bold colours each named after Birchbox's headquarters. I received Mod In Manhattan (top marks for the name). In all honesty its not a colour I would have picked but I actually really like it. This offish white is said to represent "the glow of the mega watt city at night". Although perfect alone, this polish is fab as a base for neon shades to help make them pop. 

Coola | Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber 
What they say: Wave goodbye to sun protection's typical white residue and help prevent premature ageing with this clear cucumber-scented SPF for face. 
My thoughts: Im seriously impressed with this sunscreen. Unlike conventional sun protectors, this offering from Coola lacks that traditional and often sickly 'sunscreen' scent and instead has a fresh cucumber smell to it. On top of this its easy to blend, absorbs quickly, is non sticky and leaves no white residue. 
ModelCo | Eye Define Eye Pencil 
What they say: Highly pigmented and long-lasting, this fab pencil liner comes with an in-built sharpener - perfect for festival rock chick style. 
My thoughts: This is without a doubt the stand out product for me this month. This creamy, pigmented deep black kohl doesn't drag, which makes it perfect for applying liner under the upper lash line aswell as the waterline. 
Noble Isle | Bath & Shower Gel 
What they say: Pack a little luxury for the festival season with this bath and shower gel inspired by the countryside.
My thoughts: This smells way to masculine for my liking, so I shall be passing this onto the boyfriend (he loves a freebie ha) 

What do you make of the revamped Birchbox?! 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The joys of Duty Free

Lets face it, sitting in the departure lounge can be a gruelling wait, especially when you know that your a mere flight away from holiday bliss. Luckily as a beauty addict there is the joyous world of duty free to help pass the time. With my birthday fast approaching (am I really going to be 22 tomorrow?!) I decided to treat myself to a few bits and pieces I had, had my eye on for a while!! 

Chanel Les Beiges no30
I have been eager to try the Healthy Glow Sheer Powder since it was released a few months back! But with the prospect of Duty Free on the horizon I waited patiently for my trip to Paris to seal the deal, whilst also getting it for a little cheaper. 
The MUA advised me to go for a shade deeper than I am in Vitalumiere to help add a natural glow, and im so glad she did. Unlike most powders Chanel Les Beiges is completely lightweight and leaves my skin with the natural, matte finish I desire. 

Diorskin Nude Tan BB Cream 
After hearing so many rave reviews I couldn't wait to get my mitts on the Dior Nude Tan BB Cream. This new release from Dior claims to enhance an existing tan, whilst still having all the benefits of a conventional BB Cream. I haven't used this yet, so have no opinion, but expect a review uber soon. 

Very YSL Travel Palette, Guerlian Meteorites Travel Pearls, Juicy Couture Perfume Minis 
I then fell into the 'duty free exclusives' trap and walked away with the Guerlian Meteorites Travel pearls, a set which includes two mini pots of the infamous meteorites aswell as a ridiculously cute brush. Juicy Couture Perfume Minis and a YSL Travel Palette. Personally I think the photos do the talking in terms of the palette, and like all YSL products the packaging is divine. I wouldn't normally opt for purples and pinks but something about the shades screamed out to me (my inner teenage self was ridiculously pleased with this purchase haha) 

So there we have it, a sneak peek at my Duty Free purchases!! 
Have you picked anything up from Duty Free recently?!

Friday, 14 June 2013

A Hint of Paris..

Hello lovelies, I hope your all well!! If you follow me on twitter then you may be aware that I have spent the past few days in beautiful Paris.

I have been infatuated with Paris since I was a little girl, when I would be glued to the TV watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame, dreaming of one day visiting this wonderful city, whilst clutching my beloved Esmerelda Barbie. Now in my twenties Paris congers up thoughts of romance and beautiful architecture (aswell as a deeper meaning as I always joked about going with my Nana in a convertible Mini Cooper). Its the home of Macaroons (there even available in McDonalds, say whaa?!) huge Sephora's, french pharmacies a plenty and well dressed people (some serious bag envy went on). After our mini city break its safe to say that Paris certainly lived up to my expectations!! 

We went for three days (the boyfriend and I) which was enough time to cram in some serious sightseeing. We arrived late monday evening, so after a little wander we decided to settle in for the night, and enjoyed a cheeky beverage whilst admiring the breathtaking scenery from the comfort of our balcony.

Our first full day started off in style with a trip to Laduree for a spot of Macaroons and Vanilla Tea (post to come).We then made our way to the Eiffel Tower, making a detour through the Arc De Triomphe which just so happened to be situated by a huge Sephora (its a hard life). In all honesty the Eiffel Tower was a little smaller than I imagined but magnificent nonetheless. After spending a while chilling in the park we took the metro back to Champs Elysees for a spot of shopping (it would have been rude not to.) 

Our third and final day consisted of yet more macaroons (when in Paris, right?!) adding our padlock to the bridge behind Notre Dame (it may be cheesy, but ridiculously romantic nonetheless) and a stroll through the breathtaking Parisian streets to the Louvre. We then took a final trip on the Metro to Champs Elysees  for dessert at the Haagen Daz House, before heading back to the airport to enjoy a spot of duty free shopping with our last remaining euros!! 

Its been an amazing few days, although I now feel like I could sleep for a week. 
Paris is everything I imagined, a romantic city brimming with breathtaking architecture and scrumptious food. As for the skincare fanatics amongst us there are french pharmacies a plenty!! 
Have you been to Paris?! 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

US Beauty Swap with TrinaWears

Warning: Picture heavy post!!
Currently surrounded by a mass of American goodies, its safe to say that im more than just a little bit excited to be writing this post!
Just over a month ago I proposed a swap with the gorgeous Trina who just so happens to live in the Big Apple (home to Bath & Body Works, huge Sephora's and Duane Reade). As you can probably gather from this post, she jumped at the chance, and a few weeks on I am now sat here, clutching a huge box like a child with their beloved teddy!! When it came to planning the swap we originally set a limit (which went out the window almost immediately), picked four products we were eager to get a hold of, and agreed that the rest of the goodies would be a surprise.
Lets face it as beauty bloggers we all have wish lists brimming with the latest and greatest products, were desperate to add to our ever growing collections (please tell me it isn't just me?!). But sadly there comes a time when some of the products we dream of owning are just that little bit out of reach.
This being the case It will come as no shock that the four products I picked were a Tarte Blush, Maybelline Babylips, B&BW Hand Sanitisers and not forgetting a Wet n Wild palette!!

Want to know what else she got me? then read on ;) .. you can see what I got Trina here.
Ladies (and gents) can I just draw your attention to the pink bubble wrap for a minute! Pink bubble wrap people, please tell me in not the only one that thinks this is amazing?! (I may or may not have got just a little too excited over this).
Being a serial beauty junkie, products come whizzing through my letter box on a weekly basis that will more often than not cause me to squeal, but nothing (and I seriously mean nothing) comes close to the sheer excitement I experienced yesterday when opening my huge parcel from Trina.
I love everything that she picked out for me. Its funny how someone I have technically never met, knows me so well!

An array of Bath & Body Works goodies
As I am writing this I can smell a lovely waft from the Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Shower Gel that attempted to escape from the box during transit!! I was so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of Bath & Body Works goodies Trina filled my parcel with!! .. Living in the UK I often find myself watching endless youtube videos on Bath & Body Works products and dream of the day that I visit the states and do a mad trolley dash to the till, with endless candles, body products and not forgetting hand sanitisers (what can I say im more than a little bit obsessed!!) So im sure you can imagine my excitement when I unwrapped these yummy scented goodies!! 

Make Up Forever Aqua cream (13) .. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (Tipsy) .. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
A cult product in the US, I cant wait to put the Make Up Forever Aqua Cream for eyes and cheeks to the test! This beautiful shimmery beige claims to be both waterproof and creaseproof. I can imagine this being perfect used on the brow bone to highlight, aswell as an all over colour on the lid!!
Raved by those who can get a hold of it, and lusted after by those who cant (If your listening Tarte, please come to the UK) Im ridiculously excited to finally have the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy in my possession (swoon).

Wet n Wild Lipsticks in Cherry Picking .. Dont Blink Pink & Pinkerbell
Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque .. Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara .. CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara 
I have heard so many great things about the Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara and Covergirl Lashblast Volume, so I cant wait to give these a try!! As for the Lipsticks how gorgeous are the shades?!

EOS Lipbalms in Pomegranate Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet
Wet n Wild Blushers in Heather Silk & Mellow Wine .. Wet n Wild Nutty, Sweet As Candy, Silent Treatment & Comfort Zone
When it comes to lip balm I am a total addict. Already a lover of the egg shaped EOS balms, im excited to add two more to my collection! As for the Maybelline Baby Lips, I can already vow that these will be staples in my handbag!!
Whilst in the states last year, I picked up a Wet n Wild palette for my giveaway winner yet stupidly never purchased one for myself, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw not just one, but three palettes, a single eyeshadow and two blushers sitting pretty in the box.
Last but certainly not least I received various American candy, including Pop Tarts, Ice Breakers and Sour Patches, aswell as Jolly Ranchers. I have a feeling my boyfriend thought all his his Christmasses had come at once, when he saw the huge bag, on top of the box (Trina I can tell you now that these WILL be devoured haha). 

So there we have it, a sneak peek at my lovely American goodies. 

my only advice if your planning on doing a Swap is to:
Make sure your swapping with a genuine person ( I obviously had no worries here with Trina, but there really are some horror stories out there, so please be careful)
Keep an eye on the weight of the box (a few kg's over and it could cost you a whopping £100 to send your box)
Be aware of what can and cannot be sent. I happily put Barry M polishes in the box, only to be told that they needed to be taken out due to tighter postage rules!!
and finally HAVE FUN!! Partaking in a Swap with Trina has been without a doubt the best thing I have done since starting my blog. 

PS. Oh and Trina,Thank you so much for the package!! Its been amazing getting to know you better and Im looking forward to our next swap already ;)
PPS. If you haven't already done so, go check out Trina's amazing blog here!

Have you done an international swap?! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kate Spade New York Glitter Nail Polish Set

Guilty Pleasures | Spiked Punch | Night On The Town | Razzle Dazzle 

This post has seriously been a long time coming, patiently awaiting its turn in the limelight whilst burrowed under posts containing snaps of the latest and greatest products to hit my vanity!! 
Kate Spade is one of those brands that unless you live in London, isn't readily available in the UK (unless you fancy paying extortionate shipping fees from across the pond) and perhaps one of the reasons why im a little bit infatuated with the colourful brand. So when I saw this set of Kate Spade polishes pop up on eBay, I knew it was to good an opportunity to pass me by. Somewhat of an eBay novice, I shamefully have to admit that I fell into a crazy bidding war, and after what felt like forever triumphantly walked away with these beauties for a bargain price!! 

Enough of my ramblings, lets talk polish. The set itself contains four vibrant polishes each adorning the iconic Kate 'Spade' logo. In all honesty the bottles are a little small, but at the same time plenty big enough. 
The stand out shades for me are unsurprisingly the glitter ones. Guilty Pleasures is a beautiful topcoat brimming with various shades of gold glitter, which makes it the perfect polish to take a simple manicure from drab to fab. The same goes for Razzle Dazzle, a multicoloured topcoat which is not too disimilar to OPI's Rainbow Connection. You know the one, that gold dust shade from the Muppets Collection that manages to sell for silly money on eBay. 
Although the stars of the set, Spiked Punch and Night On The Town also deserve a piece of the limelight. These gorgeous creamy shades dry quickly and are opaque in just two coats. 

The only negative about this set? Im not to sure of its availability, however if your desperate to get your mitts on this set, theres nothing wrong in stalking eBay like a crazy woman (oh okay maybe its just me that does that haha).

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