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Friday, 28 June 2013

Adios Google Reader, Hola Bloglovin'

So if you hadn't already guessed from all the panicky tweets and blog posts, the end is nigh for Google Reader which will be retiring on Monday, with fears of GFC (that widget to the right, with all your lovely faces) following foot. Personally I think googles latest spring clean is to make way for that wretched Google+ (apologies if you use and love it, its just not my cup of tea), and in the words of Regina George "Stop trying to make Google+ happen, its not going to happen"...

If you follow A Hint Of Sparkle via Google Reader (so much love for all that do) and like myself aren't a fan of Googles alternative, do not fret as Bloglovin' is here to save the day!!
Bloglovin' is a fab way of keeping up to date with your favorite blogs, all in one place (did I mention that its also super easy to use?!) 

It would mean the world if you gave my little blog a follow!
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