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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Soap&Glory SUPERCAT review

hello lovelies, i hope your all having a great week!! I am a total sucker for eyeliner, i always have been and always will be, some girls go to makeup product will be mascara, or blusher, but mine definitely has to be the trusty eyeliner. with one little flick (or half the time a few flicks after making a total mess :S) eyeliner can create a sophisticated or dramatic look!!..ive been wearing eyeliner since the age of 13 and i would hate to think of the amount i have bought over the years :S..but being the sucker that i am for all things eyeliner related, this beauty from soap and glory's new make up line definitely caught my attention!!
 So here we have it, Soap and glory's extreme eyeliner pen!! all Soap and glory goodies, the packaging is gorgeous with a lovely pink and gold outer box
 and the eyeliner itself is just as gorgeous!!..As for the eyeliner itself im really impressed, the last time i  used a, as i would call it 'felt tip pen' type eyeliner was yonks ago (im looking at you playboy teal eyeliner haha), im often put off with this type of liner as it feels like im almost drawing on my face..however i absolutely love how easy it seems to apply, the colour is really dark, which i love, it dries really quick and does not budge, so thumbs up with me!!
usually when i apply eyeliner i get it wrong, and start of with a nice thin line that turns into a thick smudge of disaster :( not a pro at putting eyeliner on by any shot, and id love to perfect the 'supercat' look, but im really happy with the outcome :)

Quality- like all Soap&glory products you definitely get what you pay for!!..and it has amazing staying power
Price- i think the price of this for how good it is, the make of it, and packaging is pretty reasonable coming in at £6..not much to pay, when you can pay a fiver for a crayon liner that will last 5 mins
Packaging- like ive already mentioned the packaging is lovely and a definite selling point!!

 Have you tried the Supercat eyeliner?? or have you tried anything else from the new range??

Monday, 21 November 2011

Vaseline Creme Brulee

Hello lovelies, hope your all having a great start to the week!! now il put my hands up now and say that i have never been much of a fan of Vaseline, i dont know if its the smell or the texture that has always put me off!! During my trip to London, whilst in Selfridges i spotted the limited edition Vaseline and thought nothing of it, focusing more on the photo-booth that was in-front of me..after seeing lots of posts raving about it, whilst in Superdrug on the weekend i decided to bite the bullet and check it out!! and i was quite happily surprised, there is something about the smell of this that is quite addictive, as well as the taste, tbh this is what sold it for me!! i have never tried creme brulee so whether or not it tastes or smells anything like it is another question, but it has a very sweet taste with a bit of a tang to it!! as for the balm itself, i like it but i feel like it has a somewhat greasy texture to it!! am i the only one that thinks this??..altogether im definitely happy with this purchase (although i now regret walking past the free photo booth in Selfridges haha)..and i think il be more inclined to try Vaseline in the future!!

So what do you think of Vaseline?? have you tried Creme Brulee??

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Primark Haul

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a great weekend and are getting into the festive spirit ;)..yesterday whilst in Bristol, i did the usual dragging the boyfriend into i am always a sucker for a bit of Primarni costume jewellery, who cares if it doesn't last that long for £2 etc, you can find that perfect statement piece to go with an outfit..however for a long time nothings really taken my fancy, okay ive picked up one or two things in the past month or so, but nothings really made me want to fill my basket, however this definitely changed yesterday!!..thank god the boyfriend was with me otherwise i would have kept popping things in my basket (instead i had do you really need that and how much more are you gonna buy haha) so heres what took my fancy!!!
ive bought these rings before, but the pearl fell off one of them, but i was desperate to get another due to the fact that it didn't make my fingers go green and looked a bit more expensive than what it is..i decided to get them in the silver and the gold for £1.50 you cant go wrong
being the magpie that i am i also spotted this bangle for £ the past ive forked out £10 or so for one of these only for it to go all tarnished and nasty, so for the price that this was i wont be to disheartened if the same happens

 the Sparkle doesnt stop there, i also picked up these little gems, the gold ring on the right suspiciously looks like the ones i bought from river island last year, anyone know the ones im on about??

 i have a massive thing about skulls at the moment (not in the weird sense) so this caught my eye straight away, this was only £4
 the boyfriend treated me to this glittery black clutch £6, its perfect for all the Christmas nights out!!
im really not to sure on this belt i like the idea of the scarf attached to it, but every time ive gone to wear it ive taken it off :S
and finally last but not least a lovely pair of sparkly pumps £ planning on keeping these as my spare shoes for the handbag on nights out when the heels get to much

have you got anything nice from primark lately??

A Weekly Update

 1. my ever growing mac lipstick collection!!
2. mine and tims obsession with american food is still going strong, i swear when we go to New York next year, we will end up bringing a suitcase full of food home ;) haha
3. yesterday i got to spend a rather christmassy day shopping in Bristol with the boyfriend, we originally went to go ice skating in Cabot circus, however when we realised it was only little kids holding on to penguins, i decided to save my self the embarrassment of falling in front of everyone and headed straight for primark!! 
 4.Im absolutely loving the window displays in Harvey nics, everything's so blue and shiny, its a very simple window display however very effective 
5. We headed back to bath afterwards and decided to have a wander around the beautiful streets!! how lovely does it look at night time??
6. i seriously dont think i could get through all this cold weather without the yumminess that is Starbucks Christmas Lattes, NOM
 7.The boyfriend got slightly excited when he met a storm trooper, chewie and Darth Vader yesterday ;)
8. My brother celebrated his 18th at the start of the week!! it was a very funny day which ended with a beer hat on his head and plenty of cider ;) haha
9.and finally last but definitely not least look at my lovely boys!!!!

What have you been up to this week?? are you also feeling the Christmas Spirit??

Sunday, 6 November 2011

MAC Whirls and Twirls review

 hello lovelies, i hope you've all had a great weekend, now im very excited to introduce to you all my new lipstick and this lovely beauty is whirls and twirls from MAC's holiday collection Glitter and Ice, when i was in Selfridge's i eyed up this lovely before the collection was released and new i had to get it, so on tuesday when this was released early online, i happily parted my pennies!!
the packaging like most mac products is gorgeous, although i think more could have been added to it!! Whirls and Twirls is a glaze so you dont get that really overly glittery look which i was worried about, the shade is very sheer and doesn't seem to look as dark as it does in the bullet..but it is a beautiful pink and versatile colour which is buildable 
on my lips its a very light pink
 Quality- like all MAC lipsticks i feel you get what you pay for, they smell yummy, have lovely colour pay off and the packaging is simple but lovely
Cost-this lippie as well as the others in the collection are £14 so a little more than the usual MAC lipstick
Being a student i dont have the pennies to part with anymore from the collection, but here's what im lusting after, and who knows maybe something will end up in my stocking ;) haha
So what have you been loving from the collection??

New Twitter Account!!

Hello lovely ladies, just a quick post to say that iv'e set up a new twitter account to kinda keep my real life and my blogging life a bit separate :)..if you fancy following me im @hintofsparkle :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The perfect party Dress??

do you ever get that moment where you see a ridiculously gorgeous fairytale party dress, which would look perfect for every Christmas occasion, but then look at the price tag to be brought back down to earth?? well i had that moment when i came across this lovely whilst browsing the top shop website, at £160 i think this will stay a dream party dress (i can always hope for the sales though right?? haha)

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