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Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Weekly Update

 1. my ever growing mac lipstick collection!!
2. mine and tims obsession with american food is still going strong, i swear when we go to New York next year, we will end up bringing a suitcase full of food home ;) haha
3. yesterday i got to spend a rather christmassy day shopping in Bristol with the boyfriend, we originally went to go ice skating in Cabot circus, however when we realised it was only little kids holding on to penguins, i decided to save my self the embarrassment of falling in front of everyone and headed straight for primark!! 
 4.Im absolutely loving the window displays in Harvey nics, everything's so blue and shiny, its a very simple window display however very effective 
5. We headed back to bath afterwards and decided to have a wander around the beautiful streets!! how lovely does it look at night time??
6. i seriously dont think i could get through all this cold weather without the yumminess that is Starbucks Christmas Lattes, NOM
 7.The boyfriend got slightly excited when he met a storm trooper, chewie and Darth Vader yesterday ;)
8. My brother celebrated his 18th at the start of the week!! it was a very funny day which ended with a beer hat on his head and plenty of cider ;) haha
9.and finally last but definitely not least look at my lovely boys!!!!

What have you been up to this week?? are you also feeling the Christmas Spirit??

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  1. Whaaaa skating in Cabot?!? I will have to give that a go, children and penguins or no children and penguins! And I could spend years in that American food shop, I actually have considered asking my cousins to ship over food sooo many times...greedy lol x

  2. haha i might go back again when its quiet, the penguins were pretty cute!!..tell me about it, i just wish it wasnt so expensive!! i have a thing for the fluff stuff haha xx