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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Primark Haul

Hello lovelies, hope you've all had a great weekend and are getting into the festive spirit ;)..yesterday whilst in Bristol, i did the usual dragging the boyfriend into i am always a sucker for a bit of Primarni costume jewellery, who cares if it doesn't last that long for £2 etc, you can find that perfect statement piece to go with an outfit..however for a long time nothings really taken my fancy, okay ive picked up one or two things in the past month or so, but nothings really made me want to fill my basket, however this definitely changed yesterday!!..thank god the boyfriend was with me otherwise i would have kept popping things in my basket (instead i had do you really need that and how much more are you gonna buy haha) so heres what took my fancy!!!
ive bought these rings before, but the pearl fell off one of them, but i was desperate to get another due to the fact that it didn't make my fingers go green and looked a bit more expensive than what it is..i decided to get them in the silver and the gold for £1.50 you cant go wrong
being the magpie that i am i also spotted this bangle for £ the past ive forked out £10 or so for one of these only for it to go all tarnished and nasty, so for the price that this was i wont be to disheartened if the same happens

 the Sparkle doesnt stop there, i also picked up these little gems, the gold ring on the right suspiciously looks like the ones i bought from river island last year, anyone know the ones im on about??

 i have a massive thing about skulls at the moment (not in the weird sense) so this caught my eye straight away, this was only £4
 the boyfriend treated me to this glittery black clutch £6, its perfect for all the Christmas nights out!!
im really not to sure on this belt i like the idea of the scarf attached to it, but every time ive gone to wear it ive taken it off :S
and finally last but not least a lovely pair of sparkly pumps £ planning on keeping these as my spare shoes for the handbag on nights out when the heels get to much

have you got anything nice from primark lately??

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  1. thaaanks :) i swear im just a magpie for anything that sparkles haha xx

  2. I love primark hauls! They are my favourtite kind of haul because you know everything posted is affordable :) Great post xxx

  3. Love primark!!lol Love all the things you bought!! :D xox

  4. Abigail- i agree with you haha, although it makes me want things more because i know how affordable it is!! haha, aww thankyou :D xx

    Jen- its defo one of my fave shops!! thankyooou xx

  5. oh lord!!, those shoes and that clutch!! <3 so freaking pretty!!, i love everything that you bought! , especially the shoes and the clutch!,

    i saw a silver glittery clutch here and i really liked it, if it's not sold out when i get paid i will defenitely buy it haha

  6. aww thanks nena :)..ah you so have to do it!! seriously everything glittery is just jumping out at me atm..:) xx