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Saturday, 30 June 2012

New York..Day 1+2

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well!! so im sadly back from the best 5 days ever in the big apple!! i thought id share some of my photos with you (dont worry not all i took 500+ ha), but ive decided to do it day to day rather than having an uber long post!! We arrived pretty late the first night after a drunk being kicked off the plane in heathrow and delays whilst trying to land, so we pretty much went to sleep in our rather luxurious bed in the Roosevelt hotel, ready to sight see the following day!!
The first thing we did the following morning was head straight to times square and my word its just as it is in the movies and much much more, of course being the makeup addict that i am the first stop was sephora (they seriously need to have one over here) to tick some things off my wishlist aswell as to gather some bits and bobs for a giveaway ;). We then had a whale of a time in toy-r-us (i seriously want to be 10 again) , with a gigantic carousel in the middle and a moving Jurassic park dinosaur its hard not to get excited, and we then settled for lunch in the hard rock cafe!! 
After lunch we shopped a little more as you do and visited madame Tussaud's for a spot of afternoon celeb spotting, after several more hours of shopping and being caught in torrential rain and thunder (ive seriously never seen rain or thunder like it, and this is coming from someone whos used to welsh weather) we decided to turn in for the night and watch american TV.  

Monday, 18 June 2012

My 21st in Instagram

 my very own glossybox / 21 pressies / what i woke up to
 pressies / frame signed by friends / the bfs cat wishing me happy birthday (ha) / champagne time / funny card from the brother
 my birthday pud / mushroom risotto / mixed platter / yummy hot chocolate / goats cheese bruschetta  
 lots of smiles / impressive candle 

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well! apologies for the lack of posting. Saturday i celebrated my 21st birthday, which meant being spoilt rotten and good times with the family. I am truly blessed to have an amazing family and a great set of friends. I received my very own 21st glossybox from the boyfriend (expect some posts on some new make up additions) aswell as a trip to new York so Thursday i shall be jetting off to live the sex and the city lifestyle for five days. Due to my extravagant pressie i spent the day chilling with friends and family which was topped off by a lovely meal. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

last friday night.. Katy Perry eylure lashes, review

Hello lovelies i hope your all well, so last friday night (yes i couldnt resist putting one of Katy's lyrics in haha) i attended my end of year, infact end of uni summer ball. I decided to dress up for the occasion and in the process of doing so i chose to wear my new Katy Perry eylure lashes in sweetie pie!! i had originally bought them for a night out the previous week when i dressed up as nerds with a few girlfriends however the lashes weren't to be and with the use of an eyelash applicator i got in to such of a piddle that i decided to leave it and try them again on friday!!.
ive never been much of a pro when it comes to applying fake eyelashes on the contrary im a definite novice but with a few failed attempts i usually manage to apply them well enough to have an impact on my look, whilst having them stay put all night!! my go to eyelashes of choice have always been Nadine from girls alouds fluttering set and have always received many a complement, but fancying a bit of a change i decided to opt for Katy's lashes and tbh i wasn't blown away. 
Once applied there was no significant change in my lashes, i may aswell have spent the half an hour stressing to put them on, instead applying several lashings of mascara, that being said it may have been down to my choice of style and the bigger lashes may have been better. in terms of longevity, they lasted about three hours of my summer ball before sadly falling off and leaving me with a lovely white line across my lashes (definitely not a good look). 

Altogether i certainly haven't been that impressed with this set of lashes, but i would be quite tempted to try a different style from the range in future as the lack of endurance was no doubt down to my cack handed application. I think i may stick to some of my pre glued false lashes haha 
Have you tried these lashes?? if so what did you think??
Are you a fake lash novice or a pro at applying the fiddly things??

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Benefit the POREfessional

Hello lovelies, i hope your all well!! so quite a while ago i decided to invest in benefits the porefessional and heres what i think so far. Porefessional is said to reduce the appearance of pores, and in all honesty i wouldn't say it does anything for my pores, ive seen no considerable difference when its been applied, however this is a brilliant primer, its super soft and due to it being oil free applies like a gem to my skin without melting off, it hasn't broken me out in spots like my previous MAC primer and leaves my foundation staying put most of the day, my opinion has somewhat varied over the month or so that i have been using this , at times ive felt as though it has been a somewhat pointless step within my makeup routine, however to be honest those lazy days when ive missed this step ive noticed how my foundation does not go on as smoothly!!
The down side to the porefessional is the £23 price tag!! if i smothered large blobs on my face im sure it would cover my pores, but due to its price tag i use this sparingly and a little certainly does go along way!!..will i repurchase this?? If something better comes along no, but for now only time and my bank balance will tell ;) 
Have you tried the porefessional?? what did you think of it??

Friday, 1 June 2012

NOTD,Another magazine freebie..Ciate Jelly Bean

hello lovelies i hope your all well, its safe to say that the monthly magazines have definitely gone all out with their freebies this month, so far ive spotted a jemma kidd eyeliner with red magazine, benefit primers with benefit see my post here and Marie Claire have a choice of three gorgeous nail polishes!! last year i posted about the gorgeous ciate Marie Claire freebie in which i picked up wait until dark post here, and whilst becoming a firm faviourite i have been lusting after another ever since, when i spotted jelly bean i knew i had to get it, a gorgeous pink with blue shimmer undertones, this is a perfect summer shade! the brush is somewhat small but with just two coats the colour is opaque!! i decided to use it as an accent nail and paired it with essies mint candy apple and to be honest im liking the combination. 
i have a somewhat weakness for ciate packaging, with the gorgeous shaped bottle along with the little bow. i love everything about this polish the packaging, the name, the colour and best of all for about £3 when they usually retail at £9 its a total bargain. 

the other two choices are a lovely nude and a lilac, but this baby just stood out the most for me!! have you purchased this months Marie Claire??

May in Instagram

 admiring the Essie stand in boots / handing in the dissertation / simple plan / bob the cat / yummy cupcakes
the boyfs bday celebrations / last uni submission / doing my bit for charity / drinks and nibbles with Abby / end of uni celebrations with yummy food
 new mac collection / days on the beach / testing out sail la vie / evenings on the beach 
my handsome benji / vanilla iced frappe / more beach times / models own lusting / trying to eat healthy 

Hello lovelies i hope your all well!! so the past month has been a pretty long one and a lot has gone on, i started the month with a trip to London for my lovely friends birthday post here! i finally handed in my dissertation aswell as my last ever uni assignment hopefully (very scary stuff). With all the lovely weather i have spent many a day or evening on the beach!!..Ive also been pretty naughty with some Mac purchases post here and like always have managed to eat quite a fair bit ;) haha 
How did you spend your May??

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