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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

last friday night.. Katy Perry eylure lashes, review

Hello lovelies i hope your all well, so last friday night (yes i couldnt resist putting one of Katy's lyrics in haha) i attended my end of year, infact end of uni summer ball. I decided to dress up for the occasion and in the process of doing so i chose to wear my new Katy Perry eylure lashes in sweetie pie!! i had originally bought them for a night out the previous week when i dressed up as nerds with a few girlfriends however the lashes weren't to be and with the use of an eyelash applicator i got in to such of a piddle that i decided to leave it and try them again on friday!!.
ive never been much of a pro when it comes to applying fake eyelashes on the contrary im a definite novice but with a few failed attempts i usually manage to apply them well enough to have an impact on my look, whilst having them stay put all night!! my go to eyelashes of choice have always been Nadine from girls alouds fluttering set and have always received many a complement, but fancying a bit of a change i decided to opt for Katy's lashes and tbh i wasn't blown away. 
Once applied there was no significant change in my lashes, i may aswell have spent the half an hour stressing to put them on, instead applying several lashings of mascara, that being said it may have been down to my choice of style and the bigger lashes may have been better. in terms of longevity, they lasted about three hours of my summer ball before sadly falling off and leaving me with a lovely white line across my lashes (definitely not a good look). 

Altogether i certainly haven't been that impressed with this set of lashes, but i would be quite tempted to try a different style from the range in future as the lack of endurance was no doubt down to my cack handed application. I think i may stick to some of my pre glued false lashes haha 
Have you tried these lashes?? if so what did you think??
Are you a fake lash novice or a pro at applying the fiddly things??

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