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Friday, 1 June 2012

May in Instagram

 admiring the Essie stand in boots / handing in the dissertation / simple plan / bob the cat / yummy cupcakes
the boyfs bday celebrations / last uni submission / doing my bit for charity / drinks and nibbles with Abby / end of uni celebrations with yummy food
 new mac collection / days on the beach / testing out sail la vie / evenings on the beach 
my handsome benji / vanilla iced frappe / more beach times / models own lusting / trying to eat healthy 

Hello lovelies i hope your all well!! so the past month has been a pretty long one and a lot has gone on, i started the month with a trip to London for my lovely friends birthday post here! i finally handed in my dissertation aswell as my last ever uni assignment hopefully (very scary stuff). With all the lovely weather i have spent many a day or evening on the beach!!..Ive also been pretty naughty with some Mac purchases post here and like always have managed to eat quite a fair bit ;) haha 
How did you spend your May??

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  1. Hoozaaaaaah for handing in your dissertation! It's all par-tay-ing after that dreaded thing is out of your life.

    1. thaaaaaaanks :), ah totes agree apart from work im having so much fun haha, most stressful few months ever trying to do it haha xx